100 Pips Before Breakfast™ – Make More Money Trading Forex Before 08:00am On A Monday Morning Than You Will All Week At Work!


100 Pips Before Breakfast™ - Make More Money Trading Forex Before 08:00am On A Monday Morning Than You Will All Week At Work!If you’re struggling to make money in trading… This Forex-killing strategy will have you beating the professionals at their own game…

Whichever of the above best describes where you are with your trading…you have now landed in the right place!

Without resorting to any sort of hype or fakery I am going to show you a simple strategy that will allow you to make money trading the Forex market (almost) every day…

You probably already know that Forex is the largest market in the world – where trillions (that’s right, not billions, but TRILLIONS) of dollars change hands every day.

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Because of the size of the Forex market you only need to capture a tiny fraction of what is available to start making some serious money.

I am going to show you a really, REALLY simple trading strategy that can allow you to make more money before you go to work on Monday morning… than you will make during the entire rest of the week!

I’m not going to give you hype. I’m not going to try any sort of marketing "tricks" (Hell, I don’t even know any – I’m a trader, not some young internet marketer).

In the last few years there have been some "questionable" Forex products on the market – some have simply been over-hyped while others have been outright scams.

For this reason the Forex market generally has a bad name on the internet. Too many new traders have fallen victim to devious internet marketers – not to mention blatant fraudsters!

It’s not the fault of the hopeful traders who buy their products. The Forex market can be a daunting place to new traders and so when first starting out it is almost impossible to know who to listen to.

It is a real shame that there is such a negative view of the Forex market. The Forex market is a very legitimate way to earn an extra income. Thousands of traders do it.

You may be approaching the Forex markets as a way to earn extra money – or your ultimate goal may be to become a full-time trader. Whatever you want to achieve in Forex…

Many people see the Forex market as some sort of wild beast that can’t be tamed. But nothing could be further from the truth!

I am going to reveal a strategy to you and PROVE the Forex market can be traded simply, easily, and most importantly – profitably.

You don’t need any "fancy" software (we use pure price – just like the professionals do!).

Many new traders pay thousands of dollars for courses and seminars on how to trade. There is nothing wrong with that… IF you get the value that you paid for!

Unfortunately most of the courses out there usually can’t justify the high price-tag. Almost all the courses spend most of time on the real basics.

The problem is… most new traders know a good amount of the basics already. These traders end up paying for something that they already know!

This is an actual trade I took with the strategy. It’s not some "cherry picked" example that I found by looking through a year of data.

No. The above trade is one of my personal screenshots that I keep for each trade I make (yes, I keep screenshots of my trades – and so do the other professional traders I know!).

Does that chart look really simple? Yes. That’s because it is simple! There is no need to make the Forex market complicated.

Too many people forget what the Forex market actually is. It’s just buyers and sellers exchanging currency based on which way they think a currency is going to go.. There are no "mystical" things happening. There are no "secrets".

The Forex market is just people buying and selling. It’s this fundamental rule of the Forex market that my strategy is based on.This is why the strategy is so simple.

The strategy picks specific, critical points in the market that offer us huge potential rewards, but more importantly, absolutely minimal risk.

These charts are typical examples of the trades that the strategy makes. There is no faking of numbers or results – there are actual examples of real trades.

As you can see from the examples above – my charts are pretty clean. There are no additional indicators to "help" you – like they ever do help – they just end up confusing you!

You have so many different pieces of information on the chart that they all end up conflicting and you have no clue whether to buy or sell!

Maybe you "feel" more comfortable having indicators on your charts. And that’s fine, I’ve been there, but…

One of the greatest things about the the strategy is that there is absolutely no experienced required. Read more…

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