50 Pips A Day™ – The ONLY Forex Daytrading Strategy That Does EXACTLY What It Says!


50 Pips A Day™ - The ONLY Forex Daytrading Strategy That Does EXACTLY What It Says!Before I continue, you NEED to download the following Report… It is absolutely critical to YOUR future as a trader!

It may be too late already… Get this report emailed directly to you RIGHT NOW to find out the TRUTH before you become the next victim!

This document will most likely be BANNED very soon. Access it now before it’s removed from this website!

The complicated "systems" and "black boxes" are a thing of the past. Your trading is going to change right now.

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Did you know that the GBP/USD currency pair moves around 130 pips every day?… and that the EUR/USD pair typically moves more than 140 pips every day?…

Now, consider just a few of the other major currency pairs, and we’ve got well over 1000+ pips of movement EVERY day.

If you’re thinking this is a "magic pill" then I recommend you read the ‘EVERY Forex Product EXPOSED’ Report again!

However, if you’re looking for a simple, step-by-step strategy to make consistent profits, then you’re in the right place.

When you trade, are you apprehensive about whether your next trade is going to be a winner or a loser?

Do you get anxious and close trades early – or even revenge trade, making silly "mistakes", that you regret just minutes later?

They don’t have "secret" systems, or "fancy" indicators. They do have something else though.

They know that there are many ways to trade profitably – and that it all starts with a solid strategy.

Pro traders know there is no "set and forget" systems out there – they’ve been there, done that and bought the t-shirt!

Your success comes from taking a solid strategy and making it your own. It’s like making sure you have solid foundations upon which to build you house – the house is only as good as the foundation it is built on.

I’m really talking here to traders here who are fed-up with the garbage that other people pass off as Forex "products".

If you’ve got a reasonable amount of brains, then you’re not the type to fall for the promises of "overnight" riches.

I’m certainly not talking about overnight riches. No. I’m talking about steady progress, using a proven strategy, and using common sense to profit from the markets.

But, using it as your foundation, you will have a solid strategy to use as your process. This process is how you will improve, over time, to really pull big money from Forex.

"Hello Alan, I have just puchased "50 pips a Day" this morning and have read through it. I found the manual very easy to understand and written in such a way that the strategy is clear and concise.It is refreshing to find a Forex Manual as good as this. A good system, a good price and guess what…NO PADDING" – Ted

"After years of testing and analysing trading systems and methodologies, 50 Pips A Day is a breath of fresh air. It is a logical system relying on core technical fundamentals that withstands the test of time and comprehensive in its simplicity covering all aspects of a trading plam. A true blueprint for success for all levels." – Bill P.

"I have always used candles, but can see the the benefit of using the bar charts for clearer opening and closing positions. After reading the rules they seem very logical to the point I will be using a demo account for a short period before having a serious bank to work from. I feel confident I have made the correct decision purchasing "50 pips a day"." – Richard S.

"Have read the book twice and it looks awesome. Will start practice run this coming week. I am a newbie and lots of systems make big promises. What I like the most is that I actually have to think before making the move. My discretion and not auto pilot. Thanks guys." – Tony

"I like this strategy for its simplicity. Looking back over my charts I can see one distinct advantage of this method is that it will cut down on the number of trades thereby increasing the potential of the trades that do present themselves." – Mike M.

"Hello: I downloaded 50 Pips Day a few days ago. I just got a chance to go through it. After testing it out a little on a practice account, it looks to be just the thing for which I’ve been looking. A straightforward strategy that is easy to implement and yields nice results. Thanks for your help!" – Jeffrey L.

"At last…a system and strategy that a relative beginner can actually follow and benefit from. This has proven to be a system I can follow and understand. Thank you so much for the simplicity. I can’t tell you how much I’ve… Read more…

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