Barry Thornton’s Long Candle forex trading course


Barry Thornton's Long Candle forex trading courseFind out why this Forex trading Approach has taken the FOREX market by storm and why everybody has now become LONG CANDLE HUNTERS Supported by free live webinars

A LONG CANDLE represents a price movement which is strong, and quick. Hence the name of this Course.

SELL and BUY orders cause the price to go up or down. BULL traders want the market to go up. BEAR traders want the market to go down. That what makes the market what it is.

READ WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY "I have been using all the 10 methods in your course to catch the LONG CANDLE and they ALL WORK!! I must say that once I fully understood the importance of the long candle concepts I became addicted to Forex trading again – I am just seeing opportunities everywhere." S Watson "Thanks for saving my marriage. I was wasting so mush time trying to find a system that works and failing that I was starting to have serious problems in all areas of my live. After studying the various methods one can use to trade long candles I chose the ones which will allow me to trade on a longer set and forget basis. Now I have more time for other more important (i have realised) things in my life. Thanks again Expert4x and keep up the good work" D Jamison ******* Learn why most successful Traders are actually the biggest losers you can find and how you can benefit from this. ****** Learn a simple technique to determine the relative strength of currencies against each other. Imaging being able to trade the strongest currency against the weakest currency all the time. No wonder, it is easy to see when long candles are likely. Its like trading with the trend all the time. Forex trading has never been this easy. ***** Find out how to correlate the currencies with other markets such as oil, silver, gold. This correlation can further be extended to compare the currencies with indexes such as the S&P, Russell, CAC, DAX, etc. What a great way of getting an edge over the rest of the market participants ***** Learn a ways of trading spikes in the market safely. These trades are great because they go positive very quickly. Spikes are a form of long candle where the movement in both directions is so fast that if you blink you will miss it. ***** Most traders cancel their trades over week ends. – Learn how you can profit from moves in the market over weekends, while your broker is closed and other Forex traders not in the market. ***** Learn how to use the most powerful leading indicator that can also be the only trigger required for 90% of all trades. ***** Learn how you can trade very successfully with only 1 leading indicator on your charts ***** Learn how to find the most important support and resistance areas in a flash with no calculations or special tools ***** Learn which confirmation indicators to use in a trending market and which ones to use in sideways trading markets ***** Learn when to stay out of the Forex market ***** Learn the techniques that many alert services use to make consistent profits year after year. ***** Learn how you can make lots of money in the Forex market with a success rate of only 50% when you are going through a losing phase. ***** Find the places where BULL and BEARS are putting their orders in the same direction. These orders cause impressive long candles. ***** Learn the importance of volatility and volumes and how every currency has a different profile as to when they are most active and most traded. ***** Learn about how each currency has a natural beat which helps determine the natural reversal areas for each currency. ***** Learn how to identify the major market phases and how to trade them. ***** Learn how, by using our support facilities, you can help all other course participants with your questions. You help us introduce more material and examples to the course. ***** Learn 2 leading indicator signals which work over and over again. ***** Learn how you can filter your deals with confirmation signals which will turn them into high probability trades every time ***** Change your lifestyle by trading 20 minute a day using the trading strategies in this course ***** Stop looking for the Holy Grail of Forex Trading. ***** Learn to use the strongest 3 price patterns that repeat themselves over and over again. ***** Know and use the 2 candle formations which support most profitable transactions ***** Know when you are psychologically best for making for making trading decisions and when never to make a decision about a Forex trade ***** Learn 2 money management techniques which will help you double your trading account safely and protect you trading capital when you are going through a losing phase.

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