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Clear FX Signals - Forex SystemImagine an extremely powerful Forex system that could trade ANY currency pair, in multiple time frames, could be used for Scalping, Daytrading, or longer term Swing trading (your choice), and tested out at 84.68% Winners over 81,168 trades on 22 currency pairs over 6 years, and this is just ONE of ENDLESS ways the system can be traded!

Before we go into details about this absolutely amazing system we want to tell you just one thing… There are MANY forex systems available (and you may have tried them) that just plain and simply don’t work, and here’s why:

Creating a REAL and CONSISTENT forex trading system that actually works is a HUGE undertaking and requires REAL knowledge of the markets and endless hours of rigorous development and testing. But creating one that works consistently on ANY currency pair (not just one) and in MULTIPLE time frames, that can KEEP WORKING INTO THE FUTURE, (not just backtest well) requires serious and professional, programming and system development, and is usually NOT offered to the public for download. And for that reason we can almost GUARANTEE that you’ve not come across a forex system like Clear FX Signals in the past.

The Clear FX Signals Forex System is so versatile that ANYONE can use it to scalp, daytrade, or swing trade either by manually trading the Arrow signals generated by the BUY/SELL indicator. Clear FX Signals can be used to trade just one currency pair of your choice or multiple pairs at the same time.

We believe the POWER of VERSATILITY and DIVERSIFICATION is a MAJOR KEY to Financial Success in trading! Diversification and spreading risk over more than one market is a key component that many traders overlook, but Clear FX Signals makes this possible.

Having a system that’s designed to trade only one currency pair on one time frame can work but its not only extremely limiting to the trader, it doesn’t take advantage of the power of diversification.

Diversifying trades between more than one, non-correlated, currency pair in more than one time frame can be an EXTREMELY powerful formula for profits when done right. This is because the success of the overall system is not dependent upon only one pair in one time frame but in the combined results of all of them put together!

This is a similar approach to how certain funds can be invested in the stock market. In these cases several individual stocks are chosen based on how the overall portfolio is anticipated to perform. The same concepts of diversification can be applied to Forex trading, however while many Funds generally hold only Long positions, profiting only if the markets are rising, Clear FX Signals is able to trade both long and short positions so that the system can profit whether the markets are going up or down.

We’re about to show you HOW this POWERHOUSE TRADING SYSTEM works… But First… Imaginesuccessfully trading the forex markets!

If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to be completely out of debt, or to be able to vacation anytime you want, without having to get permission from a boss, or to buy the things you want without lacking the money to do so then know that

It’s EXTREMELY EASY.. the Clear FX Signals indicator reveals EXACT entry points by displaying UP Arrows for Buy Long entries and DOWN Arrows for Sell Short entries.

Arrows appear on the OPEN of the bar so that each trade/position was entered as soon as the bar opened, the moment the arrow appears (the user is given the option to adjust this to display on the close of the previous bar).

The Clear FX Signals Indicator includes Adjustable Buy/Sell SOUND and POPUP ALERTS. The look of the Arrows can be changed to your liking as well.

Picking any combination of 5 of the following 39 pairs, using only ONE time frame for all of them, would give you 575,757 possible combinations to trade. Choose more than one time frame, let’s say a combination of FIVE of them ( 5, 15, 30 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour charts), and there are 5.2723877804447E+26 possibile combinations. In other words to put it simply… you could never exhaust the possibilities in your lifetime!

Trading the popular EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, and EURJPY currency pairs each on a 1Hour (60 minute) time frame, backtested over a 5 year period, produced 6292 trades trading only during specific times of day. The results were 82.02% Winning trades, and when you download the Clear FX Signals system you’ll see the exact settings and rules that produced these results, outlined in detail!

Following are examples of what’s possible with this absolutely… Read more…


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