Day Trading For Beginners: Little Dirty Secrets And Unknown But Powerful Tricks To Forex Millionaire: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere And Join The New Rich


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If you are like me, I think you should be 'slapped'… HARD! Recently a very gifted and talented trader “reached out to me, took me by the collar, looked me straight in the eye, and then slapped me hard!" Like a painful 5 finger slap. Not really, but it sure felt like that. Actually you can still see the five fingers pattern on my face almost… What I'm trying to say is that even Trader X can learn a couple of new tricks. “Tricky tricky.” So actually I got five new tricks for you one for every finger that was slapped on my face. Well, you may as well call it the new face of TRADING. Here we go. Are you ready? WORING! The content shared here may cause you to become extremely filthy rich and glamorously famous. If these two conditions are severely dangerous for you DO not proceed beyond this point. Further after reading and applying these concept a strange items may appear in your driveway (think Ferraris and Lambos) If you are highly allergic to any of these items or money and fame make you puke I would highly suggest going to “you know where” before we can continue. 1. Forex has little to do with how the market is behaving and more importantly with where is the market right now? Now, I am not speaking about a physical location here. Pay Attention. The market is always at a precise address. Know the markets correct address and you will get loads of mail loaded with cold wet hard cash. Word of caution “don’t wet your pants when you get it.” I mean the cash. Think (round numbers). Round numbers are always a good address to be at and you receive a cashollahh-la-la loaded mail. 2. Find out where the losers are and don’t try to be a pathetic one! Why am I saying that? You are correct. Yes you are. “Why the heck I need to know where the losers are.” Well for ones, so you don’t become one. If you have been living under a rock or been in a comma for the last 10 years and just woke up…Let me break it up for you. L-O-S-E-R-S make 95% of all Forex participants. That’s right they are here to participate by losing their behinds. But you can skip getting your behind whipped out by knowing where these poor souls are and most importantly where they are heading. Pause and think about this. Take a deep breath. It will down on you. Losers are always exiting and running so think (market bottoms and tops) 3. No amount of indicators will make you successful. Yes you heard me right. I have not misspelled indicators. You could call them “money- broker gators.” The smart brokers are really advertising and pushing their favorite stochastic or whatever to the traders. See if you follow their advice you might as well give them your wallets. The broker is pushing these sinisterly so they know how the majority of their customers are thinking and can react appropriately. Meaning, putting their dirty fingers in your account. Literally, like finger sucking after getting chicken grease all over your hands. But for some of you this may be too gross, so you should keep reading, but get a paper towel to wipe the grease. 4.You can find this one in the book 5. Nothing is what is seems like it is. It may appear that you are up for grubbing millions at some point of your trade, but be WORNED. The market is bought only to be sold. This is especially true in Forex. So take your PROFITS while you can see them and move to the next trade. Unless you fully understand how the market moves, YOU should not take another trade and lose your precious hard earned money. Well you actually have a choice continue in your old tracks until you lose everything you work so hard for. Or click few buttons like “click-click” push a couple mouse clicks and arrive at your new Forex REALITY. The one sprinkled with expensive cars, houses, pearl white beaches and turquoise blue Caribbean waters. See you in Your New REALITY. Trader X

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