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Epic Pips GainerTraders! Add these brand new, unconventional techniques to your trading arsenal and watch your profits explode!

Can the techniques that made a successful casino gambler tens of thousands in one night be applied to forex trading?

Yes! You will be intrigued at how this renegade who is now banned from ever setting foot in a casino again can supercharge your gains with his ridiculously simple ‘hybrid’ method and superb money-management skills…

And to make matters worse, half of those promising to "reveal" the mysteries and bust open the floodgates of money you deserve have no business doing so.

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…and you’re reading this letter with just a shred of hope that somebody will just tell you the truth already!

So, really, I couldn’t care less about what little money you could pay me to expose these forex loopholes.

What matters is that, as sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow, I’m guaranteed to make money today… tomorrow… the day after…. next week… next month… and next year.

Not many traders can wake up in the morning with that assurance. And nothing can stop me.

I’m this confident because I have in my possession a secret which thousands of forex traders would love to steal.

Much like you, I’m a skeptic by nature. I’ve seen my share of "get-rich-tomorrow" schemes and been completely unimpressed.

And what makes this discovery so exciting is that you can do this at any time of the day you wish. You DON’T need to be glued to your computer all day. Or log at certain times of the day to take advantage of explosive moves.

And when I was certain it was reliable, "carved-in-steel, bullet-proof" when applied to any currency pair – I began trading it full-time.

We all dream of being rich. Completely carefree and financially independent. The main difference between those of us who have made it and the rest of the world: We did something about it.

Now you can have your chance at financial freedom. Not rich and climbing the walls trying to stay rich. Wealthy and loving it.

I’m offering you a simple, stress-free way to change your life forever. Basically – an easy way to make your dreams come true.

But I’m going to be as candid and as open as I can be with you today because I’m not actually the clean-cut type who used to trade in sophisticated banks or prop trading firms or wherever else traders come from.

But I used to ply my trade in the casinos, outsmarting dealers and pit bosses, trying to gain one up on the house at all times.

I got rich gambling in casinos all over the United States, Canada, Europe and China.

But, unlike other suckers who just walk into a casino and throw away money, I always walked in there with a plan.

I got so good at it, acing exams, solving complex mathematical problems and equations, gaining recognition from my tutors and professors, until soon my classmates called me "Pythagoras" named after the Greek mathematical genius.

I was like a walking computer, always crunching numbers in my head, and wowing friends, strangers and families with my impressive numerical skills.

After amazing guests at a backyard barbecue, one of my school buddies came up to me while I was downing my hotdog and said to me, "Albert, you need to read this."

The whole essence of the book is that blackjack is a beatable game. And if you stack the odds in your favor, you can win BIG at any casino table.

So, for the whole summer, I practiced till I got really good, confident that I was ready to take on the nearest casino to home with a bankroll of $1,000 I borrowed from my buddies.

And, drunk off my winnings, that little casino took a heavy hitting from me almost every weekend right up to Christmas.

And like vultures, we decided then and there that casinos – wherever in the world they may be – would become our prey.

Flush with my winnings from my earlier exploits and armed with the deadly precision from our military-like practice sessions, I covered the air expenses and provided the bankroll for our first trip to Vegas.

We hit the casinos on the strip with a system they had never seen before and couldn’t stop.

It wasn’t anything like the regular card counting. It wasn’t illegal, and it was more powerful than anything that had been tried before.

Soon, we all dropped out of school to become cocky-hotshots whose parents never knew if we were in Las Vegas. Atlantic City. On Mississippi riverboats. Aruba. Barcelona. London. Macau or Monte Carlo.

We were high-rollers being wooed and swooned with limousines, private jets… Read more…

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