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Forex AUTOBOT - Forex System with Real Money ResultsIt’s time to STOP living from paycheck to paycheck. Start GENERATING some SERIOUS INCOME.

Almost 13 years I work in Forex and Stock Market. The first years were given to labor and huge losses, left in the market for more than 20 thousand dollars, then I was not interesting at statistics, but I felt all the impacts of my money situation. By all sorts of trial and errors I came to the opinion that –

Based on this thoughts, I started earning. And what do you think my experience has shown? Trade should be automated, it is clear that not everyone can take advantage of direct servers and arbitration, but also the mathematical formulas can be used here, and that was really good for me.

Technical analysis is useless for the most cases, trading system is useful if it is properly using, the value has only money management. No matter what system MM choose, it just has to be. It psychologically comfortable to me to control "antimartinghale" risks, but I tried different options with the constant risk and increasing.

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The result was the same. At first I kept statistics indicators such as income, profitability, share of profitable trades. Then I gave up it, because the data have changed dramatically and unpredictably. I could not understand what gives the result. And in the end settled on a "mixture" of MM and mathematics.

In one of the smartest books I’ve read that the trader earns is not the knowledge of the market, but on his view of it. That is no matter where the market will go up or down. It is important that stay in the market was comfortable. Let me give you an example. One time, when I was going to the sea, I closed all the positions except EUR/USD. Put stop-loss (take-profit, I put on the basis of the current MM) and forgot about it. One week after, from an internet café I have checked and increased its position. After another day I have increased it again. Again, I was resting and could not think straight. Although decisions have taken being sober. No worries about opened positions. In my head lazily crawled sleepy thoughts – sun, sea, sand, diving, excursions, the euro is rising … Once at home I closed, earning more than $20,000. Sometimes it repeated: the entrance to the market, comfort and tranquility, then like to woke up and closed with profit.

During the last year’s earnings on Forex brings me quite a lot of money. I trade using the Forex Autobot and by myself. The idea of automating trade came to me eight years ago and from that moment I was trying to do it. All my robots had a problem – they were unstable, earned only for short distances – from several months to a year … It was decided on the basis of this long experience, to link all the best and create a stable earning Robot. I assembled a team of experienced specialists and work has begun to going faster, the results of our work can be seen on this page…

Our team includes experienced traders and programmers, they have gained this system through much suffering, for years they had been searching, mistaking, trying, and at last testing our brainchild for two years. We’ve taken into account all possible nuances of the market and now the system copes with them.

This complex system is constantly upgrading. It is not just a robot, it’s a huge mechanism which takes into consideration a great number of factors: volatility, working hours of the market, mathematical data – all this is made for us to get profit ourselves and let YOU get it! Moreover, our team is constantly analyzing the market and making corresponding changes in system functioning.

Usually there are beautiful graphics with fake profit images or simple pictures with profit or even websites without any proof of profit.

Backtest reports are too large to be shown on this page. Please enter your information below and I will e-mail you instantly backtest reports and Special BONUS .

Thanks again for this automated system, It is the nicest gift I’ve ever received. I still can’t believe it when I go to the computer in the morning and my balance has increased per night!

I’m writing to let you know that so far I’m very astounded by your Advisor. I have traded the market since 2007 manually and also with different systems. I have purchased almost every Expert, every software program and spent thousands! I bought your Expert Advisor almost two months ago, and want to thank you because I have made already +23%.

Firstly I would like to congratulate the Forex Autobot team with a successful invention – great Expert Advisor, Thank you guys! I started Forex Autobot… Read more…

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