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Forex Executor ProAs an educated trader you are most likely aware of the new NFA regulations that are continuing to strip away your traders edge. Trading is a tough enough game as it is, and to be profitable you need to grab hold absolutely every edge you can get.

As of August 1st 2009 the NFA’s new FIFO ruling has taken away ALL US based brokers abilities to place essential orders that you MUST have as a trader if you are to succeed.

While some brokers are scrambling to offer a patchy work around, and may go as far as even providing a temporary a solution, there is absolutely no consistency, or any form of a centralized order platform in the forex market whatsoever.

Conflicting Orders (For those you that like to straddle the market or use orders to bracket the market)

Some brokers have removed these order types, some still have them (but for how much longer, who knows) and many have moved their ENTIRE client base overseas!! (NOT something you want to do for reasons explained below)

And as a trader, a “quick fix” or a partial “work around” just wont’ cut it… it’s your money at risk, and while you may be with a broker that is still allowing these order types, there is no telling how much longer they will be around… and they may literally dissapear overnight…

With no standard for the new trading execution rules between brokers, you simply don’t know how reliable, or even to what capacity your own broker will be able to execute the types of trades going forward that you have been so used to placing….

When we began developing the F.E.P. trading platform, we realized there are many other limitations to the current trading platfroms available, so didn’t just stop with re-creating all of the orders you are used to being able to place…

The F.E.P. not only allows you to place OCO’s Stops, and Limits orders, it also allows you to execute the follwoing orders as well…

Plus, the F.E.P. also allows cell phone texting, so you can be alerted any time an order triggers, no matter where you are.

How often in your trading past did you stop “magically” end up being the high or low of the session? Isn’t it amazing how that happens?

1) Have you recently noticed an increased number of losing trades in your account? 2) Was your trading robot or manual system been profitable in demo but losing on a live real-money account? 3) Do your stop loss orders get triggered too often compared to your take profit orders? 4) Did you notice suspicious spread widening recently? 5) Do you have a feeling that the strategy you use is supposed to be more profitable but something gets in the way? Here’s what’s happening… Your broker has taken matters into his own hands. Your Broker knows where your stop loss orders are set and may be triggering them intentionally (called “running the stops”)

Once you understand how many brokers work, it really isn’t all that amazing. You see many brokers manipulate pricing to profit internally!

This is called “stop hunting” and amazingly enough it is actually still legal. This is why your brokers high of the day is often different that other brokers.

However one of the greatest benefits with the F.E.P. is that your orders are actually COMPLETELY HIDDEN from the the brokers.

They are only ever seen as your order is triggered, only then is it instantly fired to the broker and executed.

The brokers simply can’t take our your stops, when they can’t see them! And this feature alone is worth the price of admission 100 times over, as it will save your trades from ever being “taken out” at the session high or low again.

So perhaps you are thinking well this sounds good, but I can solve all of this by simply opening an account offshore… WRONG!

Because of the new regulations there is a “Massive Stamped” of traders that are panicking and hastily slapping together applications to open an overseas trading account. There are many issues with this.

First, there are legal issues involved where most reputable brokers are NOT allowed to accept US clients (unless they have a very high net worth of over five million dollars.)

Those that do are often “boiler room” operations, running out of “suspect” countries, where you have little or no protection at all.

Do NOT fall victim to these brokers by “buying in” to the panic mentality so many other “ignorant” traders are caught up in! The F.E.P. will allow you to keep trading as you always have, and even offer additional benefits you’ve NEVER before had!

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