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Forex Hitter - Autopilot Software - Automated Signals - Online Trading - Robot SystemGreetings, My name is Peter Larsen and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. To start off, I am in no way one of the ‘Forex gurus’ or God-gifted prodigies. Yet I manage to live an enjoyable life, drive a splendid brand new Porsche Cayenne, and do whatever I please and whenever I please. Since we aren’t at a tax office, I won’t stuff you with detailed reports on my income, but let you have a look at it yourself. It is always better to see it for yourself once than hear about it for a hundred times.

"Trading now means no more than effortless risk-free buck-collecting in the world`s largest financial playground called Forex"

Cashing out to me is no harder than picking mushrooms, whereas, unlike many Forex gamblers out there, I know precisely what I am doing on it. Many think it`s all yours once you get to trade there, but in fact it can often be a bummer, for you need to know how to move in those waters. I do not claim to be a sparkling market-dominating multi-billionaire, yet I`d never be able to afford what I now own if it wasn`t those quite a few thousand I make on a monthly basis. If you want your millions here and now, I`d say you go look for them elsewhere, but if you aim at being within the 15,000-20,000 USD monthly income range without risk and long waiting, you`re sure in the right place. Anxious to hear what brings me the cash, I guess? No, I am not carrying out instantaneous complex calculations, employing a team of market analysts (where`d I get them?), or making any behind-the-scenes deals. I only go as far as using my own fully automated Forex software, which spots the market trends and tells me PRECISELY when and what orders to place. Oh, and I am not glued to my computer 24/7 to be able to do it – I trade only whenever I feel like, and my software is always there to deliver the profits. As a matter of fact, it’s not really me who trades – it is rather the software which does all the job for me, always hitting the market at the right moment (hence, the name – Forex Hitter). Sounds too simple, huh? Well, it is. Not even nearly as complex as its development was – with many months of failures, testing, bug fixing, platform adjustments, testing again, bug fixing again… you name it. I almost gave up on it when the thing finally hit the fan and started working no worse than a Swiss watch (I now have a few of those – strongly recommend them to you too; prolly, one of the first things you’ll buy off your profits).

Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! Skeptical as I am, I nonetheless state it with absolute confidence. Never would I expect such incredible profits to be generated within such a short period of time and so little effort. I now make about eight times more than I used to as a civil servant and fully enjoy my early retirement. With your help, I no longer need to worry about losing my job like I did before – simply because I no longer need one anymore! No wonder your product was rated so high by global Internet users this year. Frankly, it`s been one of the very few things that have ever impressed me so much.

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What do you think pushed me into the development of this software? I tried almost every single one of those existing – not ONE of them worked. It was just scam after scam. The best indicator of it was no refund offered by their vendors, while I have no problem with offering you one – if within 60 days for whatever reason you don`t like what you got from me, you have your money back in full, no questions asked and no pains suffered.

Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, Fibonacci curve, Forex tutorials… good Lord, what a crap. If you take those "paths", you might end up spending half of your life on reading and the other half on analysing, only to dump all your funds within moments into the bottomless market pit. The smart traders will sure be glad to pick up your hard-earned cash and call you "yet another idiot". Remember: Forex is in no way a financial pyramid or a generous charity; whenever someone gains big, it’s just because someone else loses big. It sure makes more sense than "following the Fibonacci curve by the tutorial", doesn’t it? 😉

Lastly, you won`t feel challenged while using my software. Why would I be selling something that takes a Harvard… Read more…

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