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Forex Mean ReversionMany traders, even those with experience use systems based on at least one of the Top five indicators which fall into one of two categories; "Leading" or Lagging:

"Leading" indicators are inappropriately named because none of them lead with any form of reliability. If this was not true then all traders would simply Buy an Oversold market and Sell it when it was Overbought, and vice versa. Systems based on "Leading" indicators do not work for one simple reason – None of them lead with any form of reliability.

Lagging indicators and systems based on them are ineffective because, as the name suggests – They lag.

The Forex Mean Reversion System is based on the Forex Mean Reversion Indicator – It is neither a "Leading" or a Lagging indicator – It is a real-time indicator that is based on a fundamental fact.

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It provides a true indication of when a market is Overbought/Oversold – On ALL instruments across ALL time-frames.

Mean reversion – FACT: Prices will fluctuate from a mean (price) to different Highs and Lows and will always revert to a mean (price) at some stage in the future. Below is a list of popular definitions for Mean Reversion, including their sources:

Unlike no other indicator, the Forex Mean Reversion Indicator is a real-time indicator based on a fundamental fact. It calculates and displays a Mean (price) based on the Mean level (a Simple Moving Average) setting.

It then calculates and displays two levels either side of the Mean – These levels are based on percentage movements derived from the current Average True Range (ATR) reading.

Level 1 is a suggested Entry level (where a reversion to the mean is expected) and Level 2 is a suggested Stop level (where historically, prices rarely, if ever, extend to).

Both levels, as well as the Mean level setting, are user defined and are adjusted the same way as settings for other Technical indicators.

The Forex Mean Reversion product can be used as a trading system in its own right or as an indicator to compliment existing strategies. This is why I provide:

Those wishing to use the Forex Mean Reversion System simply load the template onto the charts they wish to trade and adjust the indicator to suit their trading style. Alternatively, the indicator can be added to any existing chart and again adjusted as required.

Suggested levels for selected instruments and time-frames are provided in the manual, however the main benefit of the indicator is its flexibility. Users are able to use and adjust these levels or identify their own, for ALL instruments on ALL time-frames.

Easy to follow installation instructions are provided in the fully illustrated Forex Mean Reversion manual. The manual also includes comprehensive guides on trading the system “as is” and on adjusting the indicator settings.

Fully illustrated Forex Mean Reversion manual providing clear instruction on installation, set up and configuration.

Hello mate, "You have no idea how much I have spent on nonsense systems and indicators in the past. 5 minutes a day on the daily charts makes trading easy for me now. Glad you decided to sell it at such a great price.

My name is Steve Gammon and previously I worked in the back offices of some the largest financial institutions in the world over a 15 year period. This is not a claim to fame, just the truth. It is how I came to learn the mechanics of trading indicators and why they are so vital to successful trading.

Mean reversion was a subject I came across over 10 years ago and since then I have never traded without paying attention to it. I often trade my Forex Mean Reversion System “as is” on longer time-frames (4 Hour & Daily). However, when I am trading one of my other strategies, usually on a lower time-frame I always have the Forex Mean Reversion Indicator on my chart – The indicator alone has kept me out of an untold number of losing trades – In particular, false break-outs. Mean reversion is a fundamental fact, for that reason the Forex Mean Reversion indicator works on ALL instruments on ALL time-frames – You will see for yourself – When a market is truly Overbought/Oversold.

I am confident that whether you decide to use the Forex Mean Reversion product “as is” or you just decide to use the indicator to compliment your existing strategies it will make you a better trader, that is why I offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The Forex Mean Reversion Indicator is not “Leading” or Lagging. It works in real-time and is based on a fundamental fact – Can you trade without it?

As well as trading my system I am also available to answer any questions you may have in relation to… Read more…

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