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Forex Power Tools - Don't Trade The Market Without It!My name is Elizabeth Cullen. Many traders know me from many popular Forex Signals sites where I started off as a member but I ended up teaching and sharing with other members, my trading strategies and what I have done to become consistently successful.

I started off like many traders out there with this dream of quitting my job, Trading full time and never having to worry about where my income was coming from.

I subscribed to signal services and bought EA’s promising me HUGE returns… But I was always left feeling like I was further behind then when I started.

I had no idea how the signals were being generated and yes there were profitable days but in the end there were more losers than winners and I learned nothing about how to improve my trading. Instead I was relying on someone else to make my trading successful.

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I sat down one day and I wrote down the benefits that these services provided me and the negatives that came along with them and this is what I noticed:

The signals services that were supposed to provide me with signals and trading strategies from Forex Experts only provided me with ambiguous analysis making it nearly impossible for me to catch winning trades.

Then I realized that I wasn’t alone. I remembered all of the chats that I had with other traders and that really got me to thinking!

What I saw on a daily basis was traders getting frustrated and really relying on others to ensure their very own success! That was just insane to me…

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe in Get Rich Quick plans or schemes… but I do believe in Getting Rich Quicker… there is a difference and I think everyone should be focused on achieving their financial goals this way.

You see, I believe that succeeding is much more enjoyable than failing… And I should know – I failed miserably as a trader, long before I ever became consistently successful.

And I continue to watch traders, many who work their butts off for hours, only to make just a few pips, or even lose the lot. It’s sad, but true…

I immediately canceled my membership to the signal sites that I belonged too and stopped using my EA’s.

I believe that making the optimal amount of money, in the most consistent manner, with the least amount of ‘pain’ is the ultimate goal of every good, professional trader that ‘makes their living’, or at least part of their annual income, from trading.

But I also realized long ago, through my own personal trading journey, that we as traders didn’t have the tools and resources to make it happen.

I’m sure you know what I mean… Here are what aspiring traders like you and I have had to contend with in their journey to becoming a successful trader…

Signals that were generated from a bot (or EA) that stops working because market conditions had changed and the system had not beenProgrammed for ‘unforeseen’ circumstances.

In actual fact, I found that most traders spent more time "preparing to trade" then actually trading… and the sad thing is that many of these "traders" consistently made the wrong trading decision time and time again…

Very funny.. but sad… I mean, seriously, you could bet against some of these guys and make a fortune doing the exact opposite trade they executed over 90% of the time…

I decided that I need to breakdown trading to the fundamentals and really discover my strengths and weaknesses.

Again I pulled out the pen and paper and wrote down what I felt that I needed to really improve my trading. I wasted too much time analyzing charts all day long to figure out if my strategy was effective or not and where it was effective.  

I needed a way to look at my trading in depth without having to look at charts for hours and hours on end just to give up because of the vast amount of information was too much for my brain to handle.

I realized that I didn’t want to have to spend hours in front of the computer and I needed a way to simplify a few things on my MT4 to make things more convenient so that I could focus on my trading.

For example I wanted to build a trendline and when price crossed my line I wanted a set action to automatically happen whether it is open sell, open buy etc.

I needed a quick way to analyze all of my trading history quickly and efficiently so that I could learn from past trades. Going through the history of all of my charts takes me forever and it is very difficult for… Read more…

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