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Have you had one of those days…
everything is going perfect and then Emeril Lagasse says.
So I am on my yacht having a day of
my life(except for the idiot that was on
board tell you about that later)
with my family and a bunch of
Now don’t misunderstand this is a big
mother sail yacht equipped with state of
the art amenities, sails, electric winches,
gen set, autopilot and all.
So I go for a sweeet snorkeling with my
wife. We look at the fish, the colors are awesome,
some of the colors we see underwater we
have never seen before. The riff is full of
life and is buzzing with excitement.

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We snorkel for while, the yacht is sitting some
100 yards away, so we figure out we should start
getting back, as we starting to feel tired and had
enough snorkeling for the day.
Now the schmuck, I was referring in the beginning of
my story went scuba diving at the time
we were snorkeling.
Do you know one of these people, it’s like a torn
in the flesh and good at it. Yeah, yeah the same
guy that you thought about.

This DODE, is so obnoxious and at the same time
with a special gift of sucking all of your energy up,
when speaking with you.
So I see him screaming and waving with his hands
“come get me” “come get me, I am tired”.

So by this time me and my wife are already back at
the yacht and taking all the snorkeling gear off. Now
remember, this guy is screaming and waving at me
so I jumped in the dinghy and pulled the rope to start
the know to go get the guy.
I know this may have never happened to you, but
that dinghy’s engine didn’t want to start.
So I thought I will choke it and will try again, it didn’t
start again.
I can see the dinghy drifting pretty fast away from the
yacht, in the beginning didn’t think much of it, since
if the motor started I would be back at the boat in a minute.

At the same time the guy still creaming, it turns out that
he was just too lazy to swim back to the yacht.
Me on the other side, going and drifting further and further
from the yacht, at this time I am about 200 yards away.
So I start to worry, and the engine still not starting…
I see the dinghy paddles tied up in a bundle on the bottom
of the vessel, (by this time the guy that was screaming
for help is back at the boat waving a trophy he’s got,
a injured sea turtle that he caught while doing scuba).
Now my dinghy is drifting further and further away,
and there is no boat or person in sight.
I managed to untie the paddles, but the paddle mounts are
worn out and busted open at my first attempt, so I frantically start
to paddle hanging a half way out of the front of the dinghy.
everybody on the yacht is looking at me and think I’ve lost my
mind “I am thinking start the engine and come get me, but no,
nobody is moving”
By this time I see a couple of guys coming toward me with
their dinghy and holding a end of a rope. They threw the rope
at me, I tied the rope and they towed me back to
my yacht.

So I told you all that, to say this. Don’t listen to idiots.
Don’t react just because some guy or gal is calling you.
There are thousands of gurus calling your name and devising
all kinds of mouse traps, to get your attention and money.
Look at the big football players and some of the sports stars,
do you see them responding to every reports commentary
and wit. NO, they are on their game listening to experienced
people that know the game.

What I am teaching in this book is pure gold.
NO BS no, the current economic climate and conditions
staff. No fake guy “crying wolf come get my premium staff”
It is all hard core to the bone quality material.
You know the Forex market is all about price action and
order flow. Executing the systems and strategies found here
Trust me! Buy this book and save yourself a lot of grief.
I have done all the explanation for you. All you have
to do is a couple mouse clicks. See you on the other side

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