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Forex Striker - History's 1st Patented Trade RobotThat’s how you know… nobody can lay claim to have anything remotely similar to what I’m about to show you… you’ve OFFICIALLY… never witnessed something like this before. This is a ONE OFF.

Before we went public with Forex Striker, we had 2 beta tests.. a long-term one and the more recent 30-day test.

Now, nothing’s perfect… in Forex Striker’s 7 years of backtesting… do you know what was the average number of consecutive lost trades?… 2

On the top of that… we have the signed letters directly from the broker proving that we have indeed set up real-money accounts and been making cash from them.

Forex Striker is extremely easy to use and will perform for everybody alike. The brokers’ spread, as we know, can seriously sway your potential earnings… but with Forex Striker, even the brokers’ spread won’t be enough to stop you from profiting.

Of course, there will be a slight variation in the amount of profits made for people across the brokers… but no spread will be big enough to stop you from making money.

Before you’re overwhelmed by the numbers and money making potential, let me explain how this is all possible for you. Using a very sophisticated yet simple method, you can now take identical trades to those of that month’s top performing traders within the hedge fund and make the same solid, concrete profits that we do.

That’s why, in addition to showing undeniable proof from backtests and our live real-money accounts… we’re also offering you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

No questions asked. If you’re not happy with your profits… then don’t pay for it… it’s really that simple.

By now, you realize that Forex Striker is your opportunity to make real money today. This big break will not be available forever, exploit this opportunity right now, secure in the knowledge of your 60-day money-back guarantee.

15% Deposit Bonus: Exclusive offer to Forex Striker Pro Traders from The MyFxChoice Broker of Choice

FREE Ticket to Kapeller Forex Seminar 2014. A great holiday getaway in Austria with a beloved one and up to two children. *** Flight and hotel stay are not included!

FREE Sightseeing Tour of Innsbruck Including the Headquarters of Swarovski and the Famous Golden Roof

FREE EVENING EVENT: Seminar to Discuss the Past Years’ Profits as well as the Future and Upcoming Updates + New Modules (Free of Charge for the Members). Sold at $999 to non-members!

Instead of charging $1,499 which we easily could, given the fact that Forex Striker is the MOST POWERFUL FX Robot on the market, we decided to PROVE it.

We will give you access to the most advanced Forex trading tool on the planet for only $147 one time!

In fact, we made a deal with our brokerage of choice MyFXChoice to give you a 15% bonus on your deposit and in turn earn a percentage of your profits.

Them and us have a very big interest that you trade with profits because that is how profits for them are produced too.

THIS is the reason why we sell Forex Striker at this insanely low price. We know we have outdone ourselves and are proud of our creation but the more profits YOU make the more we will make…

So everyone here at Forex Striker and also at the brokerage MyFXChoice has a big interest in making you money and doing everything that is needed to make you succeed amassing insane amounts of cash.

And because of this deal you will recieve STELLAR support from our side and also from the brokerage.

60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Yes, trade for 2 months with Forex Striker.. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with the profits, send your trading screenshots in, and we will refund every single penny to you. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

This is a one in a lifetime chance to obtain high technology trading software that was reserved for bank usage RISK-FREE!

*Definition: everyone means that over 98% of the betatesters are in profit while 2 % have not installed / funded properly, not followed the setup instructions, or just started out and picked a potential loss trade (Forex Striker makes 2 loss trades in a row while making 8 winning trades in a row on average)

Forex Striker is the only patented Forex robot in history. Its profitability and stability proved by our verified live-account results and biggest ever beta test beat all other Forex robots out there.

One needs to have a Forex broker account, a computer or VPS (Virtual Private Server), and a licensed copy of Forex Striker. Our skilled and experienced customer support team will be glad to assist you with… Read more…


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