Forex Success Formula – Make Money in Forex Market Consistently!


Forex Success Formula - Make Money in Forex Market Consistently!“Who Else Wants to have a Fool-Proof way to make unbelievable profits day in and day out in Forex Market”

The one of a kind Money Generating Formula for the Forex market that requires only 15 minutes a day and puts huge pile of cash in your trading account… Consistently!!

Let me start by asking you a basic question – Why are you trading forex? Are you there just to make enough for a living OR are do you want to make that huge pile of cash which all the successful traders are enjoying?

You want to have a lifestyle just like all what those gurus. You want to have your own big house that has its own big lawn, you want to drive a car of your dreams, and you want a lifestyle where you don’t have to worry about gas prices any more!!

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Let me ask you, Which category do you think you are in? Do you feel you have been let down by all the systems that you have come across, all the software that you have purchased by spending your money? If so, then I have true sympathies for you.

You know what, when I started trading forex, I was under the impression that for trading forex successfully all I needed was a trading strategy. That’s it!! And once I find one, its time to see my account go rich quickly!

Little did I know at that time that the name of the game is not just to a find some trading system, but it is much more than that!

To succeed in trading forex, you need a Reliable Forex Strategy that can help you in fulfilling your dream. And you have to learn the strong fundamentals of the forex market that work. And truly work!!

When I started trading, the first system I bought was for $67. My excitement at that point was beyond the roof. I felt that I am all ready to make money in forex market, this is all I need.

But little did I know that this particular forex system would blow up my trading account balance in less than 2 months.

I thought – “Never Mind”. So, I bought another strategy. However, still same result. Then I bought another strategy and then another. And before I knew I already spent more than $3000 on just buying the so called amazing systems or top class mechanical software which claimed that they can make me rich overnight.

So you see friends, I am a lot like you. I too have faced the excitement of starting forex trading, the joy of making 1 pip, the frustrations of losing account balances, the irritations of finding that none of the systems and software actually work.

But then, I decided something. I decided that I had enough of these systems. It’s time for me to clear my forex fundamentals once again. It is time for me to go back to the drawing board and start looking at forex trading from scratch.

I also started making friends who were traders. I started talking to them. I started getting inputs from them. And I started chatting with them.

Then one fine day I came across a forex trading strategy. A strategy that one of my trader friend shared with me during dinner. He just mentioned it to me casually. Not only did he share it, he also explained it in nice length. The strategy was based on some solid principles. It used the necessary number of technical indicators; it had well defined entry and exit criteria.

But more importantly – I felt that it was based on Strong Forex trading Fundamentals!! So, it has to work.

Learning this system was very nearly an “A-ha” moment. But not fully. When I started using the strategy it was producing 50-55% trades as winning trades.

(Let me tell you, even at 50-55% success rate, the strategy was good enough in making substantial income.)

However, to say the least, I was not satisfied though. That’s because I knew that this strategy, because of its strong fundamentals, can do much better than this. It can have much better results, better success ratio. It just needed some amount of fine-tuning.

And Fine Tuning is what I did! I started modifying this system by changing some settings, adding some indicators, dropping some, monitoring trades at different hours and whole lot of other things. With in 4 weeks, the winning percentage of the trades using this beautiful system went up significantly.

Now guys, let to tell you, I am not greedy. Since I have been in market for quite a while, one concept that I have learned and accepted is that no forex system can give winning trades all the time… Read more…

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