Forex Trading Primer : Little Dirty Secrets And Unknown Hidden Tricks To Forex Millionaire: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, Join The New Rich


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So, I can almost read your thoughts. You know like picking up your brains. Not really. But the truth is if you are reading this right now “yes YOU don’t look around.” You are most likely dreaming of turquoise blue waters and pearl white beaches. You sitting on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean and executing powerful successful trades. The wind is gently touching your hair. Your sails are tight and the wind is blowing in the right direction. You just approached another beautiful sail boat. The captain carelessly waved at you and did the “ OK“sign. You are at the top of your game. No boss to worry about. No cubichells. And you know the guy that you hate so much “yeah the same one I can feel it all the way through the pages,” he is not there either. No reports to write and no deadlines to meet. It’s just you the water and the sky. You are approaching a gorgeous marina with all the amenities you can dream of. The dock help is sitting and waving at you from far away. You approach your slip and the dock master like a little obedient drone ties all the ropes down and gets you on your way. See most people would thing that trading is hard, but you know what is the most important think when on a remote marina like that. The secret is sitting close to the router and getting good reception. You pull up to the little marina bar. Really there is no better spot to get a perfect connection. You are sipping from something that comes with small umbrella on top. You know a just in case it rains. So here you go you log in to your account. You shorted the Dollar just before you left the close by island in the morning. Your move was perfect. No worries, a grand a day keeps the boss away. And then something happened. Really? Yeah! Something was not feeling right. A sharp sun ray was zipping through the window and you couldn't ignore it. You really tried hard, like even turning around, but still it did not go away. And then “you woke up.” Really like in your PJs. What a horrible moment? You tried to talk yourself in getting back to sleep and living your sweet dreams. But… the dreaded alarm went off. You couldn't really ignore this any longer. Like a little obedient robot you got up washed your face and headed to your “cubichell world” pun indented. You know the guy in your dream from the office, he was there the first one to greet you “welcome to the cubichell society.” This is it. You can’t take this anymore. You read all the books. Listened to all the “fake guru’s seminars.” Stayed late for all the webinars “really your wife/girlfriend wants to kill you.” You are this maniac always learning, but never getting ahead, always reading books, but your account is empty. If this is you? LISTEN UP! STOP RIGHT NOW! Don’t take another trade before you discover what it really takes to win with Forex. Not too long ago I was in your shoes. Broken drams. Fed up with lies from Forex marketers. Really was ready to give up Forex. But the universe AKA GOD had a different plan. I met a guy a real trader. Not a guru. What it’s comprised in this book is the highly valuable secrets and guarded strategies of a Forex underground society. Really you have a choice. Spend countless of hours in front of your screen watching the price and thousands more on education and private forums and arrive at the golden grail of Forex. Or you can just buy this book and get no hard work, but smart trade secrets and little known, but powerful tactics to Forex riches and freedom. In effect this will be your ticket to your new cyber life reality. Unfortunately I know that creating your own reality is hard, like rally hard and involves a dirty word called “work.” So I have decided to create your own reality for you. You can jump in to it at any time, like right now. You would if you knew what is on the other side. Bit it takes a step of faith. Go ahead and punch few buttons, click your mouse a couple times and get this book. See you on the other side. Trader X

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