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Forex Trading System - Street Smart ForexAfter being involved in financial trading for a great number of years both as a succesful trader and a succesful instructor I have come to the following conclusions.Most beginning traders

wrongly believe that they can create their own winning system by combining different TA tools. Even when they get hold of someone elses mechanical system that has positive expectations they are not able to follow the rules. Let me elaborate… Forex market behavior is influenced by such countless number of factors that no single person can comprehend, let alone follow and act on them. However, there are some people who are able to comprehend and act on a certain number of factors that influence the forex market.

When we say that 95% percent of traders lose and only 5% of traders win in the forex market game it doesn’t mean that those five percent of traders actually understand the factors behind the forex market behavior. To summarize… Don’t waste your time trying to understand the forces behind the forex market.

"Fundamentals of successful forex trading – a system that any trader, regardless of experience, can put to use – immediately…"

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Do you want the PROOF that my system works? Ok. Here are the results recently achieved by my strategy.

The first question that any aspiring forex trader asks when he or she gets to the website like this one is: Why is this person revealing his system to general public when he can make all the money he wants in the forex market. Why share the information with other people?

Well, here is the truth. The vast majority of the trading systems out there are useless rehearsed garbage. They are written by people who can not make a single penny in the real trading world.

My interest in trading the financial markets dates back to 1996. when I was banned from most of the Nevada casinos. Up until that time I was making my living by counting cards on Black Jack casino tables.

However, greedy casino managers do not like players who are able to use their brains in order to beat the casino at its own game. They prefer “players” who will leave the last dollar at their “fine establishments”. So I realized that if I didn’t want my legs broken I needed to find another source of income…

Financial markets were the natural choice… That was the best choice that I have ever made. Here I am, 14 years later, financially independent. Free. However, I must admit that I have become completely obsessed with my trade.

To me it is no more a question of money and profits. Forex has become my way of life. I live and breathe EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD… At the same time it is a lonely way of life. Most of my family and friends are not that thrilled when I bring the “support/resistance” or “price momentum” terms at the dinner table. They are happy when I always pick up the $500 restaurant bill, but they don’t really care how I made it.

That is why every couple of years I take some time off my main trading business and share the information with people like you. People who are hungry to learn and succeed. Back in 2001. I came out with “Online Trading for Financial Freedom™” that was an instant classic. In 2003. I was the first person on the Net to write a complete forex trading system, put it into pdf format and provide it to general public. It was called “Forex Trading Course™”. In 2005. I published “Forex Trading Strategy™”, a trading system that gave all of the forex industry a severe case of headache.

And now I am coming out with all of the tricks and techniques that I have acquired over the years in a single system that I have named “Street Smart Forex™”. It is a lethal combination of trading techniques that are easy to implement and at the same time brutally effective. It is explained in a manner as if you were sitting at my trading desk and watching me trade.

You are probably asking yourself as to why would someone mention a dog in a forex related website… Give me a few minutes of your precious free time by subscribing to the form below and you will find out…

Just enter your name and email address below and you will be receiving free lessons that will show you how even a cave man… Read more…

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