FX Capitalist – The most incredible Forex Robot ever released.


FX Capitalist - The most incredible Forex Robot ever released.Trade the Forex market with greater reward. Flexible scalping and less trading server demands.

First, a scalping strategy or robot makes trades that typically last no longer than a few minutes or a few seconds. This is important, because signals can change at any moment.

So if you have a good trade signal you can capitalize on that opportunity and avoid any major news or movements that can possibly put you in a bad position.

BUT, the biggest issues that scalpers have that have unfortunately resulted in failure for traders are…

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Execution Issues – Broker is overwhelmed by multiple rapid trades and is unable to execute trades quick enough or with proper accuracy.

Stop level limitations – Many brokers impose stop loss limitations meaning you can only have stop loss greater than 2 pips and some cases 3 pips. Almost all scalpers have stop loss at these low numbers and with execution issues and slippage these stop loss are not able to set properly causing improper trading.

Slippage – There’s a multitude of reasons for slippage, but one is an overwhelming number of trades can cause brokers’ servers to have slow down in processing resulting in trades executing off a few pips.

As a result we need scalpers that are more flexible in their trading styles for more brokers. This is exactly what FX Capitalist is designed to do.

FX Capitalist offers more flexibility with more options. By default FX Capitalist works with a 4 pip stop loss, yet still maintaining an incredible reward potential for every trade.

FX Capitalist is NOT demanding, it does not trade rapidly, but rather scalps with ease. It utilizes the H1 timeframe which has cleaner trade signals. Trades are not as rapid protecting you from execution issues.

For the 3 most important principles key to your trading success… a little more on that in a bit.

Anyone who’s been investing in retirement funds up until this recession started has lost a significant amount of money.

Doesn’t leave me or anyone for that matter with much confidence in the current system or future system for protecting ourselves for retirement or from getting laid off.

You see, I had spent 20 years of breaking my back for a company that would let me go in favor of cheaper labor. To me this was heart breaking.

I had to take part time gigs as a waiter, delivery guy, and a whole bunch of others I don’t want to remember just to put food on the table.

One day, I snapped, I couldn’t take it any longer. I had a break down. I’m not proud of it, but I felt helpless, frozen, like I couldn’t do anything right, I felt like I couldn’t go any further.

For a few weeks, maybe a month, it’s all a blur now, I just broke down and did nothing. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t look for work, I couldn’t do anything, it was bad.

Next, something happened, I was searching the internet and about ready to give up on life when a friend I knew from when I was younger messaged me on Facebook.

This friend, his name is, Charles, was messaging me just to say hi and catch up after not talking for a few years, he use to be one of my best friends.

We got to chatting, and let me tell you it was a relief, I finally felt connected to the world again, I forgot about my current situation and was enjoying our conversation.

At that moment, I spilled my heart out, and luckily Charles was willing to listen, I would imagine it wasn’t easy to deal with my negativity.

I was jealous. I wanted this so bad for my family, and I bet you would love to be able to have the same for your family too.

Who wouldn’t want the freedom to NOT worry about money. It’s liberating. Trust me I know now.

And I’m about to tell you, I’m going to tell you exactly how Charles lives that way, and me, I’m now happy, successful, and free.

Charles made his fortune trading Forex. He’s a smart guy so unlike myself and probably 95% of the other Forex traders out there, I don’t think he struggled much.

This guy learned all the technicals and fundamentals of trading. He analyzed the markets with tenacity.

Charles discovered patterns in the market and exploited them to make huge profits for himself daily, specifically over a few hours a day.

Charles taught me 3 incredibly important things about trading Forex that made him successful and I’m going to share them with you.

You need to be able to sustain multiple losses if things go against… Read more…

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