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You’re about to discover how to exploit the same insider Forex Cartel’s shortcut that I’ve used to build a personal fortune.

Heck, as you just saw from my verified Alpari UK trading account, I’ve posted gains of over $383,032.36 Profit in just 4.5 months!

Soon you’ll understand why this secretive Forex cartel has made it virtually impossible for you to profit from trading.

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For reasons that I’ll explain in a minute, I’ve gone ‘rogue’ and I’m exposing a closely-guarded secret trading app that let’s anyone shadow the Forex Cartel’s exact trades in real time.

These insiders have been lining their pockets with pips taken from accounts like yours because they’re often on the other side of YOUR trades.

You and I both know that there is so much nonsense out there in the Forex ‘how to’ industry and I want no part of any of that garbage. I’m sure you’re sick of it, too.

I have my reasons that I’ll explain in detail, but unlike too many guys out there, I’m not making my money selling ‘how to trade’ info to make my living.

No, my motives are different and I think when you hear the whole story you’ll understand why I’m doing this…

Whether you have been trying for a day or a decade, you’re very lucky that you found this page. Your timing is perfect.

Before I go on I want to make it clear that I believe anyone can follow in my footsteps. I’m not some crazy genius who figured it all out in my basement. In fact…

Sheesh, I spent so much time and money on all the WRONG ways to trade I’m practically the Thomas Edison of Forex. Before I stumbled across the Forex Cartel and got trained in their methods I probably tried the 1,000 systems that do NOT work.

I even tried to turn some indicators into my own ‘system’ and failed miserably after wasting several months each time.

Then I stumbled upon a job at a Forex Investment Firm and figured at least I could earn a paycheck working in the trading industry.

My eyes were opened to what it really takes to be successful trading Forex (and boy was I surprised).

I’m so glad that I took the job because it’s crystal clear to me that it would have taken me another 5 years to succeed on my own.

But the important thing for you right now is that with the Secret Trading App I’ve created, none of that matters anymore.

It may feel like you’re getting an unfair advantage and maybe you’re not ‘paying your dues’, but let’s just say I did that for you!

You probably can’t name a service, indicator, Robot or EA that I haven’t traded (and mostly LOST money on).

I promise you that what I’m revealing to you today is like NOTHING else available to the public.

What I’ve done is found a way for anyone who is lucky enough to get their hands on my Secret Trading App to instantly plug into the methods of the Forex Cartel and trade like an insider.

Because of what I’ve created, you don’t have to know a pip from a pickle as you’ll soon see.

The key to all this is tapping into the same methods that the Forex Cartel use to make their fortunes day in and day out.

They’re programed by hacks and slapped together. Then some marketer pimps the ‘amazing’ system to unsuspecting ‘outsiders’ who buy them up like hot cakes.

When I worked with the ‘Insiders’ sometimes we’d laugh at the latest ‘Robot’ to hit the market.

Like I said, there are a few good systems and services, but good luck figuring out which is which. Trial and error is extremely expensive, as you may already have learned the hard way.

Between the insiders and the scam artists who peddle bogus Robots and over-hyped EA’s… and all the complex Forex courses and fancy indicators… your chances are slim.

Listen, there ARE good trading methods and systems that developers have sometimes stumbled across by accident, but the truth is it can take YEARS to really master trading like that.

I know firsthand… like I said, I bought more Robots, EA’s, Indicators and courses than I can count.

Not only do most Robots, EA’s and Trading courses stink, the fact is that even the well intentioned… Read more…

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