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Get Rid of That Heel Pain - Get Rid of That Heel Pain.comOther people who do not have Plantar Fasciitis, can not possibly begin to understand the frustration and pain that YOU have to endure – simply to walk!

Because, in this report you will discover that which you’ve been trying SO HARD hard to find the answer for.

Watching videos, reading articles, seeing doctors and buying products over the internet – all in a desperate bid to stop the pain.

A podiatrist is a medical professional unlike any other, as we specialise purely in the medical and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle.

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With Plantar Fasciitis causing MISERY to so many people. I take great pleasure in helping patients like you,  just get their lives back!

As a patient, in order for you to be successfully treated – you need to understand why YOU have that pain in the first place.

But as you have found – the damage which has happened in your foot, is just too much for your body to repair on its own without help.

Bandages, braces, gadgets to wear… There’s a booming industry right now in people selling quick fix miracle cures for this debilitating condition.

As a registered specialist in this field, I can tell you EXACTLY why none of those fixes on their own, will NEVER stand a chance of working.

But because of the nature of your injury, it’s just too specialised for them to treat you successfully … as you’ve found out.

PLEASE, don’t for a second think i’m knocking the the incredibly valuable work which doctors do!

Because of the wealth of knowledge that a doctor has to learn about medicine, medical problems and diseases. Being a doctor is one the toughest jobs there is.

And certain conditions such as the one YOU HAVE, require applied specialist knowledge to be able to treat them successfully.

As you know, you have badly damaged connective tissue in your foot. Possibly, you have that damage in both of your feet. And THAT is what’s causing your pain.

Now, unless you’re prepared to fully immobilise yourself by not standing on your feet for 4-6 weeks in a row. You need to find another way to let the healing and repair take place.

You can EASILY cause further damage to your Plantar Fascia, which will make your condition worse by following

It actually PAINS me to see just how widely this mis-information is spread. It just takes a second to glance on any given video’s ‘view count’ on YouTube.

Because you appreciate the need to allow your Plantar Fascia heel and repair properly. Let me now share, how that is done.

I developed a treatment package for treating Plantar Fasciitis, based on combining a series of medically proven methods for;

I have successfully treated hundreds of patients for both the UK’s National Health Service and for patients at my private practices in London and the South of England.

Credit must be given to the research teams whose work has made my treatment package possible. (I provide patients with fully detailed and referenced medical study sources. Those sources validate every element of my treatment package).

My treatment package does EXACTLY what is required to lead to a proper and long lasting recovery from Plantar Fasciitis.

I would be more than happy to have you as a private patient, and guide you through the treatment process.

As a specialist in my field, you can expect to pay in US currency, anywhere between $500 to $1,000 to guide you through treatment in full.

Because so many of my patients come to me through personal recommendation from previous patients, they are each delighted to write me a cheque in order to relieve them from their misery.

I hired a professional film crew and production company to record me giving a full private consultation so that I can share my treatment package with you.

Without any traveling or waiting for an appointment, you can receive the same treatment consultation which has PROVEN SO BENEFICIAL to my roster of patients.

Here is what the series of 12x consultation videos with supporting downloadable workbooks includes and does for you:

You’re now moments away from finally being able to set about saying goodbye to that heel pain which has been causing you so much misery for so long.

Instead of the $1,000 you would other wise have to pay to see me in person across several appointments.

Because the solution is an online and downloadable course, I can offer it to you for a lot less than that.

At 1/10th of the price, I could easily charge $100 for the course and that would be very much worth it.

And I want to include those who have already spent money, unsuccessfully trying… Read more…

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