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It’s tough, isn’t it? Having an investment out there and being patient enough to just let it run its course is something that is difficult for even the most seasoned of veterans—but especially so for those trading on the Forex! a Forex, or Foreign Exchange market, is where nations, investment banks, and other investors come to exchange currencies. Nearly two trillion dollars exchange hand in a given 24-hour period of trading (the market is open 24 hours per day, Sunday through Friday) making the Forex the largest and most fluid market in the world. Investors love the Forex because it is simple and has plenty of opportunity for profit thanks to its volatility.

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As a forex trader you have to learn how to take losses. Period. Don’t be a crybaby. Learn how to take losses.

Learning how to take losses is one of the most important lessons you must learn if you want to survive as a trader. Nobody is 100% right all the time.

Losses are inevitable. Even Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods lose sometimes and they’re considered the best in their field.

There will be trading streaks where you’ll have a number of successful consecutive trades, but that will eventually come to an end you will take a loss.

As that point it’s very important not to lose your head, you must remain in control of yourself. Don’t have a cow man.

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