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ITM Financial - The Forex Revolution Begins - ForexSocialSignals.COM - Voted #1 for Accurate Forex Signals>>> Click Here for LIVE Video Proof <<< – >>> Exactly WHAT Do I GET With ITM Financial? <<<

Are you Sick and Tired of *FLASHY* Forex Bots, EAs, *Tips and Tricks* and FAILED SIGNALS that PROMISE you MILLIONS, Only to WIPE your accounts CLEAN ending your trading days forever?

Without the hype and fancy sales letters used by fake millionaire-traders – you know the ones! – we’re going to show you how YOU can trade like the PROs on Wall Street, how YOU can JUMP ON huge trends and capture High-Profit Moves every day, give you 60-70% Accurate FX Signals (Buy/Sell Prices, Stops and Limits, as well as Trend Directions) plus a whole lot more!

The majority of bots and EAs – you know the “set and forget” ones? – leave you as a forex trader vulnerable, your accounts at risk and hard-earned savings wiped out after a few days trading, sometimes sooner.. Sound familiar?

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FACT: A Bot or EA can NEVER know what trade to place and certainly not with any probability of success..

They don’t trade based on live news, fundamentals, technical analysis or anything that Top Traders on Wall Street use to make their billions every month.

And if you’ve ever made the same mistakes we did you probably hated doing the grunt work that goes into placing winning trades, the technical analysis, the fundamental analysis, the insane number of hours spent in front of trading screens, trying to figure out the EXACT price to go long or short on, trying to figure out how that recent news release will affect your trades, blah blah blah..

And if you’re like we were before, you’ve always given in to bots and EAs and their promises to do everything for you while you go relax on the beach and massage all your other wants and desires, ALL while your account goes into the negative and you lose all your hard-earned savings!

If you have thousands of dollars you can afford to risk on just testing the waters in the forex market, and lots of free time to sit in front of trading screens watching every single move and learning from it, without any training, any signals or any advice to help you, then sure, the forex market will eventually (perhaps in 6 or 7 years’ time) reward you for your laborious efforts.

..that 99% of forex traders out there simply don’t have the time and money to commit to forex trading this way (even the Top Dogs on Wall Street don’t), leaving them open to fraudsters selling bots and EAs with grand claims of rags to riches with zero work and a life of luxury.

After LOSING OUR ENTIRE FUND, all $120,500 of it, we took a step back and brainstormed other ways to not only get our money back to begin with! but to still place profitable trades at little to no risk, not have to sit in front of our trading screens all day long, still know the market inside out, and have Intelligent Software Technology in place that would not only tell us what to trade based on what’s going on in the market right now, but also prevent us from losing money if the market decided to change (which it does VERY OFTEN).

We came up with an idea of a software system that could tell us, before everyone else, what the next high-profit trade to place should be –

>>> Click Here for LIVE Video Proof <<< – >>> Exactly WHAT Do I GET With ITM Financial? <<<

Our software system would LEARN from what OTHER traders were currently doing in the forex market, take an over the shoulder look into successful trades being placed on any FX pairs (e.g. EUR/USD, USD/JPY etc.), and not only copy them in REAL-TIME, but use the “logic”, the actual “thought process” behind those trades, along with information from the latest news releases, the latest technical analyses and the latest financial forecasts from around the world.

How on earth were we going to implement this new IDEA? It seemed practically impossible, a dreamy scenario, and an idea that would probably cost us 100s of 1000s of our hard-earned dollars and lead nowhere, because it was just too complex..

Forget technology, just the thought of the software even existing was too good to be true, and we all know what they say about such things..

After all, if we just came up with this idea, then there were probably many traders before us who did too, and the reason it doesn’t exist today, is because it was just that, too good to be true, a dream that never made it to reality, a project that never left the drawing board..

Hearing… Read more…

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