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Take an in-depth, how-to look at Forex trading using the methods, 分析, and insights of a renowned trader, Raghee Horner.

As the fate of the dollar against foreign currency generates both anxiety and opportunities, currency trading has been drawing much interest and a growing following among traders in the United States. The Forex market is particularly attractive because it trades with no gaps and has unlimited guaranteed stop-losses. The liquidity of the Forex market and worldwide participation makes for more reliable and longer lasting trends as well.

Raghee Horner, legendary not only as a top Forex trader but as a master teacher of trading systems and techniques, draws on her winning tools and methods, including classic charting techniques, in this book. She'll enable you, regardless of your skill level as a trader or investor, to understand how the Forex operates and lays out a blueprint for getting starting in this little-understood but high-potential trading vehicle.


  • Hardcover: 216 ページ
  • 出版社: ワイリー; Har/CD-ROM edition (12月 27, 2004)
  • 言語: 英語
  • ISBN-10: 0471710326
  • ISBN-13: 978-0471710325
  • 製品寸法: 7.8 バツ 0.8 バツ 9.6 インチ
  • 積み込み重量: 1.3 ポンド





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