KISS FOREX : How to Trade Bollinger Bands for Big Profits | Keep It Simple Stupid Lessons (FXHOLIC)


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There are two schools of thinking among Forex Strategists and Markets Analysts.

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Those who believe in the use of Technical Indicators and those who prefer “naked” Charts. To my opinion, it is perfectly acceptable for a Trader to go with the “naked” Charts approach as long as the financial results are rewarding, but I’m against statements such as “Indicators are useless” or “Indicators are outdated”. Indicators are tools based on Mathematical Formulas. We can’t blame Indicators for our inability to use them or interpret their Signals. While I was a Dental Medicine Student at the University of Athens, many of my colleagues, including myself, kept asking our Professors at the labs, which was the best filling material to use with our patients. One material was more resistant in time but its aesthetic results were not optimum, the other required exceptional skills, the other was looking nice but wouldn’t last for many years. We were totally confused. The reply that was given to us by one of our Professors will always remain carved in my mind and applies to most systems, materials, methods etc.
He said :
“The best filling material you can use on your patient’s teeth is the one you are most familiar with and feel extremely confident about using.”

This Book is dedicated to the presentation of a System consisted of three Technical Indicators : Bollinger Bands, Fractals and Alligator. Your Trading results can be excellent if you learn to use this System very well.

In general, there are leading, lagging and coincident indicators in Trading.

“Coincident indicators occur at approximately the same time as the conditions they signify. Rather than predicting future events, these types of indicators change at the same time as the economy or stock market. Personal income is a coincidental indicator for the economy: high personal income rates will coincide with a strong economy.”

But this is a bilateral correlation which means works both ways. Once the individual’s micro-economy expands and reaches new breakthroughs of success and accomplishments, society advances and its macro-economy emerges and raises to higher levels.

I am a big believer of Individual Revolution, the most silent and peaceful Revolution of all, yet the most powerful. Being helplessly optimistic, I see Life as a Gift that holds the great potential of self-discovery. One of the reasons why I love FOREX Trading so much, is because it sets the field for an excellent exercise in Individual Expansion and Appreciation. People need education, stimulation and guidance. The rest is up to them to discover on their own. Once they improve their own financial “indices”, they’ll be able to help their neighbors improve theirs because the whole society works as the whole of interconnected parts.

Not everybody can be a Professional Trader, neither should be. But everybody can enter the Capital Markets practicing the art of Self-Development. With the token that most essential things are excruciatingly simple, I am intrigued by the possibility that my personal quest in the currencies trading ecosystem, can trigger the Self-Improvement and Individual-Revolution Reflexes of other people.

In the era of Internet, there shouldn’t be poverty in the world. This is a paradox we must all do our best to eradicate. Familiarizing ourselves with the Capital Markets, definitely makes for a brilliant starting point.

Kind Regards

Sofia Stavropoulou

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