Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course


Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization CourseIf you’ve been frustrated with making profits from your Forex robot — despite all the huge promises — then this breakthrough training program I’m about to reveal will be the most exciting news you’ve heard in years!

You see, contrary to how you’re probably feeling right now, you really can make a fortune trading forex robots… but the REAL way to do it is probably NOTHING at all like you imagined.

In the next few minutes I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal to you how to make massive amounts of cash with your robot, and also how to easily detect Forex Robot scams as well.

You see, I’m going to let you in on insider-secrets about the Forex Robot industry that you’ve probably never heard before… And what you’ll hear will get your heart pounding… because… you’ll discover how easy it really is to earn cold hard cash with your Forex robot.

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If you’re like most people you probably believe that to turn a small bankroll in to a massive pile of cash quickly you’ll need very high returns from your Forex robot.

In fact the Forex robot industry has been playing this misconception to their advantage since the dawn of Forex. For years the Forex Robot industry has been constantly trying to "one up" each other’s sales pitch by offering larger and larger returns. So what you have is a TON of people buying forex robots thinking they can make $1,000 per month with their $2,000 account (a 50% per month return).

Forex robot sales pitches routinely offer up stories of returns anywhere from 50% to well over 100% per month because that’s what most people believe they need in order "get rich quick".

The problem is that almost in every case the risk you need to take on in order to achieve these sorts of returns is so extremely high that you are virtually guaranteed to blow out your account every time!

What if there was a way where you did not have to make RIDICULOUS percent returns to make money? How about instead just making stable returns on your account, but being paid just for making consistent profits?

Well, there is a way and there are people that do this and make HUGE amounts of money per month, just by managing and optimizing expert advisors. I have run the numbers and some of these traders are making up to $50,000 per month or MORE!

In our special report titled "How to Make $20,000 to $50,000 per Month with Your FOREX Robots, with Almost ZERO Starting Capital", we’ll show you another safer, more realistic and more profitable way that is known to only a relatively small number of people in the trading world..

In this special report we show how you can get paid VERY WELL for letting other people piggy back off your "small" success as a robot trader. Here’s how it works.

You are effectively making more money on every one of your trades for each person who "rents" your trades without having to risk any more of your own money!

All you have to do is optimize your Forex robot for small, consistent and stable returns. And believe me that is MUCH easier to do than achieving 100% returns per month like most robot makers try to claim. In the report you’ll read about one person who uses these techniques to "rent" out his signals to thousands of people who trades using his consistently profitable system. He does not make HUGE returns, but he is consistent and that’s what people want.

In our special report we studied how many sites he "rents" his robots out on and can closely estimate his income to be over $50,000 per month!

Remember – this is all without having hardly any starting capital. He just knows how to maintain a consistently profitable portfolio of Forex Robots.

I know, it sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Actually, when I first stumbled upon this method I thought the same thing.

That’s why you really must read this report… it will change the way you view trading profits forever!

Please listen very carefully. Because every word is true. And it has literally taken me years and tens of thousands of dollars to discover what I’m about to reveal to you.

Okay, let’s get started: as embarrassing as this is for me to admit, years ago, I lost tons of money to Forex Robot scams.

Maybe you’ve had experiences like I did, lying awake at night… worried sick that my trading robot was draining my bank account when I didn’t have my eye on it.

Maybe you’ve been in the position like I was… too humiliated to tell my friends and family that I… Read more…

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