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My name is Asoka Selvarajah and I was an investment banker for 11 years. I worked for many of the major firms such as Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Rabobank and others. Two separate global heads of department in two different firms (and who didn’t know of each other’s existence) have separately called me "the best analyst I have ever met in my entire career".

So, with that introduction, permit me to make the following observations about the online trading community…

Most of the people who are interested in online trading are basically being very poorly advised by the vast majority of websites out there. This leads them to buy trading products they don’t really need, try out "sure-fire" systems that only fail to deliver, and to delude themselves in countless other ways.

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The result is that they come in with unrealistic expectations, trade systems they have little knowledge of (or that don’t work) at all, put on trades that are way too large for their account size, and eventually go bust as a result of all this. They are unwilling to learn the reality of Trading as a serious profession and are just looking for a way to make "easy money".

The simple fact is that none of this is what goes on in the world of professional forex, stock and online trading. Indeed, the reality of these environments is a world away from what most beginners coming into online forex trading would even imagine. Most professional traders would literally be shocked speechless to see the kinds of foolish risks that beginner traders routinely engage in (e.g. risking 50% of their entire account on a single trade!).

Hence, this site is all about teaching a professional and realistic approach to the subject of online trading, and giving advice that has stood the test of time, i.e. the sort of approach that true full-time traders use. This is about the long-term process of becoming a true professional trader, which means putting the hours in to learn your craft. It is not about the "quick fix". It is about developing the right psychological attitudes to what you are doing and learning to develop and then use a solid methodology.

Like any true profession, there are no shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to becoming a doctor or an airline pilot. Would you feel confident to visit a brain surgeon who had learned it the "quick and easy" way?

Now, if you are interested in learning more about what it really takes to develop a serious online trading practice, then enter your details in the box above and we shall commence the journey. Thank you. Read more…

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