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Option Trading - Learn Options - Option Training CourseOptionBoost is a Stock Options Video Training Course Which is Easy to Follow, Easy to Learn and Has Proven Results.

The above question is a very common question from someone in the beginning stages of their options education. There’s nothing easy about mastering options…and anyone who tells you differently isn’t telling you the truth. In this video course, we begin with basic building blocks of how the option market works at a very basic level, then each subsequent lesson is based upon what you’ve learned from previous lessons, creating a solid foundation of knowledge to help get you up-to-speed very quickly. Once this foundation is created, we quickly move on to learning ACTIONABLE CHART SETUPS. These low-risk setups perform consistently time and time again, to get you in the market at the right time, during a high-probability opportunity. You will gain a rock-solid knowledge base which will follow you throughout your option trading career, allowing you to always be "IN FRONT OF THE HERD", instead of getting trampled by it.

That’s right! Over 10 Hours Of Video!!! …also viewable on iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices if you like. You can also email me your questions along the way if a concept is unclear to you. Trust me, I’m not giving you a sales pitch when I say that this video course is at a HUGE discount compared to other option courses. I feel very strongly about how this course will improve your trading – and I don’t need to charge "an arm and a leg" for it 🙂

I’ve learned very early on, that money managers in charge of YOUR money could care less if you retire comfortably, or if your finances are meeting your goals. Money managers care about one thing: THEIR COMMISSIONS…that’s it…plain and simple. When you have the knowledge to control your own finances, you gain a sense of satisfaction knowing that YOUR money is handled by YOU and YOU only. I vowed many years ago to learn how I can benefit from the markets using options to grow my own finances and I’ve never looked back.

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My early beginnings, before I moved to trading for a living, I was as a Computer/Web Programmer…working many long hours trying to save and build my wealth, only to have most of my savings squandered away by Money Managers who collected their commissions after putting my IRA and 401k’s into vehicles which lost money, or barely broke even.

I was completely new to the world of option investing before I bought this video course. After learning the fundamentals along with the setups optionboost provides, I am now finally having my first profitable month. If things keep going this way, I will have achieved my goals for the year. I highly recommend this course for all levels of investing using options, but especially for the beginner, because the topics are discussed by Derek in a manner which is easy to understand. -Xavier, Valparaiso, IN USA

I took the course once, and then took it again, and again. There just too much to get in one pass, even though it’s very well done. I also like the follow up support Derek has given me. He is quick to respond and his answers are very concise and useful, just like the course. In a word, Derek and the course he has put together is "world class" -Josh Spartanburg, SC, USA Read more…

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