PipjetToday, Finally, Our PipJet Robot PROVES It All… And We Now Say: It’s Possible To Grow $1,000 Into $65,542 (And in under “X” months)…

Before we get to the question of how much money you can make by trading Forex with the brand new FX robot from the "Forex Megadroid Team", PipJet…

And before we present you with 9 proof elements that’ll guarantee you’ll remain in complete AWE for quite a prolonged period of time…

If you had to name the only currency pair that, in a very short period of time, has gradually (and safely) risen from darkness to become a “once in a decade” opportunity for real and consistent profits from automated FX trading, which one would it be?

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More specifically… the dramatic changes in which currency pair (USD/CAD) fulfill ALL of the following criteria:

Although our accounts that have traded this pair with PipJet for almost 2 years are hugely in profit (as you’ll soon see), IT’S THE ONLY PAIR FOR WHICH PERFORMANCE, ALONE, IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

The changes this currency pair has undergone over the last 30 months or so PLUS PipJet’s trading strategy (fully automated) PLUS a specific trading session is yielding profits that most traders would love to get their hands on.

Even if you don’t decide to become part of our valued "family", after you read our letter in DETAIL, you’ll still have an unfair advantage over other traders.

We’ll EXPLAIN in minute detail within this letter (supported by fresh facts & figures):

1- The key reason WHY trading the (USD/CAD) pair, particularly with PipJet, is almost synonymous with “risk-free” (95 out of 100 people reading this page would never have spotted this).

2- Why almost no retail trader (i.e. your competitors!) is trading this pair, even LESS SO at a very specific time of the day (which begs to be exploited due to of a certain statistical advantage that occurs – we’ll reveal it… and, of course, PipJet uses it!).

3- How PipJet takes full advantage (with a very specific strategy that we’ll show you) of the USD/CAD decrease in average range during the Asian session from 69.63 pips in 2009 to 40.66 pips in 2011 to an incredible 27 pips in 2012 (yes, we said DECREASE!)

4- How you can make money from the huge "night tick" volume increase (we’ll explain this later) from 723 to 9,145 over the past 56 months (which, by the way, is one of the reasons that PipJet accumulates pips as easily as taking candy from a baby!)

5- How to profit from this specific pair that’s IMMUNE to major news releases (a MAJOR killer of trading systems, robots, etc. but you’ll be surprised how PipJet MAKES money here) …hint: correlated economies of the 2 currencies.

6- How PipJet’s unique strategy takes FULL advantage of a dramatic, 3+ pip spread decrease for this pair.

7. How much money you can pocket from 16 price changes occurring per MINUTE today vs only 1 per minute not long ago (easy to understand once we reveal "Discovery #1" later)

Option #1: Just enjoy what you’re about to learn from us on this page – our cutting-edge research, especially releated to a certain currency pair at a certain time of the day, to exploit it like crazy (we expose ALL of it), testing, experience, etc.

Option #2: Download and quickly install a copy of our highly profitable FX robot, PipJet, which was designed systematically, over a long period of time, to fully exploit ALL of the new opportunities the #1 currency pair and #1 trading session that today’s Forex market offers.

Option #3: Do nothing! A pity, if you ask us – especially after reading our letter and understanding the power behind what’s “cooking behind the scenes”, so to speak.

Your choice… and, because you’re probably highly selective when it comes to what you use to trade your money, we know you’ll make the right one!

Before we cover all of the above in detail, and open your eyes to what we consider REALLY valuable and profitable information, we want to cover something truly important.

How do over 44,550 copies of our previous (and first) FX robot, 10 updates and 3+ years in the “trenches” (since March 30th, 2009) BENEFIT YOU?

More specifically – the difference between the Forex Megadroid brand, and amateur, greed-driven, FX product vendors (or should we call them FX product peddlers?)

If you’ve been around this industry for a while then you already know who we are, and our reputation in the Forex world.

Today, if you type “Forex Megadroid” on Google, you… Read more…

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