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Price Action War Room - DnB Forex Price Action Trading StrategiesWelcome to our Forex price action trading blog. We don’t use indicators, pivot points or Fibonacci techniques. We keep our finger on the market’s pulse, anticipating market movements by using simple but extremely powerful price action trading strategies. Once you make the switch to price action trading, you will wonder how you ever traded without it!

When you become a war room member you will have direct access to the Price Action Protocol trading course. This technical trading course will show you how to master chart reading and identify low risk/high reward trade setups without the use of any indicators, trade directly from any price chart.!

Our War Room forums is where members regularly come together, post up their trade ideas, point out potential trade setups, ask questions and get some great price action trading discussion going.

Our ‘Chart of the Day’ section is where we focus on the most interesting chart at the end of each trading day and talk about that market in more detail. We provide our market analysis, point out possible price action based trade opportunites and discuss trade execution. The ‘Chart of the Day’ really helps War Room traders accelerate their chart reading ability as they learn to see current markets through our eyes.

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At the end of the trading week we put up an exclusive weekly chart commentary video which is our broader detailed report. We discuss/analyse the events & trades that unfolded during the trading week, and identify potential trading opportunities to watch for in the next trading week to come.

A 24/7 live chat room available to all war room members which has now become the most popular feature. So popular in fact that we recently just had to upgrade our web server to support the chat room’s server demand, mainly due to the fact the chat room is always buzzing with conversation. War Room traders come to chill out and chat live with other mature price action traders, talk about the charts, talk with us directly, ask us questions about the charts & developing setups or just engage in general friendly conversation.

The chat room is JavaScript based, meaning that it runs off the default port of your web browser. This means you will be able to access the chat room even from restricted computers like at work, where they tend to block most ports.

Each week our local COT expert reviews the Commitments of Traders report and posts up a east to read summarised analysis, highlighting any important changes in the figures. For those who don’t know, the COT report is issued by the CFTC. It’s a government report that shows where the large money is positioned into across the markets.

One of the main benefits of becoming a War Room members is gaining access to our Price Action Protocol trading course, which teaches you how to master the art of chart reading without using any indicators. After finishing the course you will see the markets in a whole new perspective, be able to make trading decisions using candlesticks alone and will wonder how you ever traded without a price action system.

Take a quick look at the two chart templates shown below; the one on the left is the typical indicator polluted chart which is messy and hard to read. Now have a look at the template on the right, this clean price chart is all you need to use to start making money with the price action protocol…

The Price Action Protocol is a trading system that will teach you how to make trading decisions based off real price movements, no need to worry about complicated indicators anymore – easily trade stress free directly from a candlestick chart.

Sick of placing buy and sell orders without knowing the real fundamental reason why you’re placing them in the first place? The Price Action Protocol will teach you how to read price action behaviour so when you place a trade you know exactly what you’re doing so you become that confident trader you’ve always wanted to be.

Most trading systems have a very short shelf life and break apart when market conditions shift into a new set of dynamics. The Price Action Protocol will show you Price Action signals & techniques that will work in all different types of market conditions, so you trade profitably no matter what the market throws at you.

The Price Action Protocol will teach you the easy to learn 6 low risk – high probability Price Action trade signals. These signals will get you positioned into a trade before the market moves, point you in the same direction as the smart money in the market so you can ride the big trends to squeeze every last pips from the market.

The Price Action Protocol contains an extremely… Read more…

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