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Some winning Strategies For Currency Trading - ForexAbode.comPlease note that is not about selling anything but we have put some small cost for these couple of things just because the experience says that we take those things more seriously to put into action for which we spend a bit. Free things are just taken for granted and often not taken seriously to implement.

Selling these is not the objective as it does not cover even a tiny part of the cost of running

The trading is all about the right entry and right exit. The success is in having more surer, profitable trades. This strategy is about more surer trades.

With the detailed explanation of the strategy, we have shown a practical example with the chart screen shots of our actual trades to show how a net profit of 2682 pips was generated by just 18 Forex trades during a period of around 10 months.

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The real example would show that out of 18 trades, 15 went profitable and 3 made losses. A ratio of 83% success. The entry points, stop-loss and take profits are all pre-set and different for all three situations.

This strategy is all about increasing the profits by not missing your good limit orders for buying and selling. Also not ending up closing your trades by missing "Take-Profit" targets by few pips or closing your good trade unnecessarily by your "Stop-Loss order"

You analyze the market and put a limit order for either buying or short-selling. The price goes almost there but the market reverses and goes in the direction expected by you. But your order is missed by a few pips and you lost the opportunity.

We expected the market to go up and we buy. The market goes down before going up as we had expected. But before going up it hits the stop-loss order and we make a loss unnecessarily. Similarly we put a take-profit order and the prices reaches almost there but reverses back just by missing the take-profit order by few pips.

How many times we face such situations when our analysis of the market direction was correct but we end up making losses just price misses the entry, and take profit by few pips or hits the stop-loss unnecessarily?

Get the advantage of both the strategies (above) to have more profitable trades. Download both (FARTR and FANP) together with $22.00 instead of $27.00

Again mass psychology in Forex Trading. Most of the time the Forex market moves more because of perception, fear and greed than because of real fundamental issues. This is the reason the technical analysis works. Please have a look on some of the winning chart patterns in Forex Trading.

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