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Divergence is a methodological price indicator that transpires when a live quote and the oscillator that an FX trader is comparing goes in an alternate direction. When it comes to forex trading, divergence signals occur with upcoming changes in trend be it forwards or backwards. When a trader keeps an eagle eye on the divergence trend, it serves as an indication that a trading opportunity beckons.

When divergence trading is utilized properly, it can be a means of consistent profiting for a trader. It is a minimal risk to sell close to the top and close to the bottom because the danger is far lesser and sometimes can even be considered to be at the barest minimum.

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The Forex Market began as an inter banker exchange program that was used to transform currencies. Even the roots of the word explain the significance of it: Foreign Exchange. Soon after it began the Forex market attracted many traders because mainly of the high liquidity and high earning potential. Although the risk is higher than any other types of trading it grew to 1490 trillion dollars in spot transaction and a total of almost 3000 trillion dollars in other transactions being the biggest trading markets ever to exist.
To avoid risks there have been developed theories and indicators that help the trader calculate and minimize them. In the trader world the Pivot Points Indicator is one of the most important tools that any trader should know and use. But what is the pivot point indicator? This particular indicator shows the level (the line) where the general trend of the day switches its direction. Using a few mathematical calculus and the maximum and minimum prices of the previous day we could foresee and derive the series of this pivot. For the more these points can be considered support and critical resistance levels of that day that will become the pivot levels. Each day traders use Open, Close, High and Low prices (the Forex Market that is considered to be open 24 hours uses as Open/Close prices the prices at 5 pm EST or 2 pm PST). This data is enough to calculate the level of the pivot point indicator. The levels of the pivot are so popular because they are easily predictable levels and they are very useful to make a decision in the trading day using data from the past days to find the potential levels of the trend switch. You should also keep in mind that if most traders know this method you can expect the market to be too predictable and that the effects of this strategy to de diminished or heightened. Also I’m thinking that among small investors are found big ones that use this classic method knowing this but forcing and anticipating these movements in the market with the proper consequences.
This is why these simple deductions of the levels of the pivot point indicator can be seen as opportunities to invest especially in a highly volatile market like Forex.

There are certain people that make a living out of Forex trading. It’s a great way to make money easily. Today almost 60% of the American population invests money on trading platforms and most of them earn more than enough to get by. At first is seems complicated but as the time passes you learn that it is not as complicated as it seems and all you need is intuition, information and some money to get you started.
Investing in Forex is not to different than investing in the stock-market, in fact most platforms that allow Forex trading also have stock exchange. The risk is present like in any business but with the right information and intuition you can find you can make a decent living out of it without having to do anything. But before you dive head first into the trading world you have to learn how to read indicators like Elliott waves indicator.
Ralph Nelson Elliott had made reference to tree key aspects in the movement of the prices: pattern, ratio and time. The indicator makes reference to the models or formations that appear as waves, while the ratio is used to measure the waves. To use this method in day to day trading you would have to determine the main wave or the super-cycle, adopt a long position and then sale or get into a short stand, because the pattern runs out of “fuel” and a switch is imminent. In its basic form the Elliot waves indicator affirms that any movement on the market follows a repetitive rhythm of five waves in the direction of the main trend and three waves to correct the price. This is called a 5- 3 movement. The first waves are usually marked as 1-2-3-4-5 and the retreat ones are marked with a-b-c. In the advance faze, waves 1,3 and five are called impulse waves and they are moving in the general direction of the trend while waves 2 and 4 are called corrective waves. After the five wave advance is finished a correction of 3 noted as a-b-c called corrective waves begins. In the corrective waves “a” and “c” are going in the retreat while “b” is heading in the opposite direction.
The Elliott Waves indicator classifies the waves depending on the duration of the cycle varying from a Grand Super cycle that can be extended on to decades to smaller cycles that won’t last more than a few hours. With all of these said the eight wave cycle remains constant.

Price charts can be simple line graphs, bar graphs or even candlestick graphs. These are graphs that show prices during specified time frames. These time frames can be anywhere from minutes to years or any time interval in between.
Line charts are the easiest to read, they will show you the broad overview of price movement. They only show the closing price for the specified interval, they make it very easy to pick out patterns and trends but do not provide the fine detail of a bar or candlestick chart.

With a bar chart the length of a line displays the price spread during that time interval. The larger the bar is the greater the price difference between the high and low price during the interval. It is easy to tell at a glance if the price rose or fell because the left tab shows the opening price and the right tab the closing price. Then the bar will give you the price variation. When printed bar charts can be difficult to read but most software charts have a zoom function so you can easily read even closely spaced bars.

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