The Profit Taker – High Probability Trading Strategy


The Profit Taker - High Probability Trading StrategyThe initial trial investment is $7.95 for a FULL 7-day trial. After that, you will automatically enrolled into The Profit Taker Inner Circle for ONLY $99 per month. You may cancel at anytime for any reason and you will not be billed for a penny more. Your order is secure and fully guaranteed by CLICKBANK

One final example of a live trading account that more than doubled in less than 3 months! $500,000 to $1,163,195 in 3 months.

This is a “Done For You” Service. We do not provide training, commentary or opinion on the market that we trade in. We provide straight forward trading recommendations that we make as Professional Traders so that you can just “Copy, Paste, and Profit” starting this week. No experience needed…no trading knowledge required. We do all the work like we daily…and you just follow our trades and profit with us on a weekly basis. No fluff, no excuse. There is no ambiguity in this trade advisory service. 

What does The Profit Taker Inner Circle offer? We offer weekly trade recommendations on Forex, Gold and Silver. Only one trade per week for a short holding period. At 9am EST every Tuesday, we will make our new trade recommendation in the member’s area. You should be able to see it when you log in with your login credentials. Be sure to make this your routine to check every Tuesday at 9am EST. Occasionally, we might also issue an earlier trade. When we do that, you will receive an email alert.

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What is in your weekly trade recommendation? In our weekly trade recommendation, we will let you know what to buy or to short. The focus will be on Forex, Gold or Silver.

What Platform is required to execute your trades? If you have MT4 or MT5, you can follow our trades easily.

How do I follow your trades? Can it be exactly the same? We issue on buy limit and sell limit trade recommendations which means that we will all enter into positions at the same time.

How many trades can I expect per month? As mentioned earlier, one trade per week. So in a month, it can be 4 or 5 trades depending on the month. When the market condition is right, we will provide BONUS trades. Yeah!

How long will we be in position for each trade? As short as possible is our preference. But we cannot tell you exactly because our goal is to get our with our target profit.

Will these trade recommendations be profitable every week? This is where we are very confident. But in trading we will have our fair share of losing trades. But our winning percentage is more than 90%. And we have a trade against us, we will repair the trade and this is where the real skill in trading comes into play.

Can I get personal investment advice from you? Yes, surely. However, we consult with clients with sizeable investment portfolios. The minimum is USD500,000.

Do you use stop loss? Actually, stop loss is something we do not practise. It is a waste of time. Market fluctuation can take us out of a profitable trade. Instead, we like to repair our trades in the event we have a bad trade. More importantly, we typically will get out with a profit. We love turning losing trades into winning trades and that requires some serious skills.

May I cancel my monthly subscription at any time? Of course, if we do our job right, we do not see any reason why you would want to leave us. But for any reason that you want to leave, you can either write to us or write directly to our payment processor, ClickBank and to request for cancellation of your subscription.

I am impressed with the consistency and the results of your trade recommendations. Why not provide 2 trade recommendations per week? Actually we trade every day. In the future, there will be an option to upgrade to follow all our trades.

Do you advice how many contract I should purchase with each trade recommendations? We have provided an allocation guidance which we recommend that you follow. This is probably the most important thing that you need to do to successfully trade with us.

If I am not happy with your service, can I get a refund? At this moment, we offer a trial period of 7 days for only $7.95. You will receive at least 1 trade recommendations and to decide if our service is right for you. If you think it is not the right service, just cancel the subscription. If you are really unhappy, write to us and we will provide the refund for your $7.95. Seriously… Read more…

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