The Tradinng Millonaire : Underground Secret Forex Strategies And Weird Trading Tricks Turning You Millionaire: Bust Through The Losing Curve, Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, Join The New Rich


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If you are already making thousands of dollars trading Forex and make a full time extravagant living taking a couple of trades a month, then, please skip this book and go find something else to do. So, on the other side… do you live in a self denial chasing the next best system? STOP… Enough is enough, enough ridicule from your relatives and friends, it’s time to show your guts. Face it, think about it, what would you think if you were on the other side looking through the eyes of your family and friends. All you see is a loser, getting ups and downs totally controlled by the next guru they read about. Doode ,this gota stop! Trust me, I know you feel the pain. I can kind of still remember it…kind of hard to do when I am sitting on my yacht in the Caribbean sipping from something that comes with umbrella on top. See, it didn’t use to be that way, not too long, couple of years ago… but I will tell you about that later in my letter Ha! Forex trading is not all it is cracked up to be, it is a hard game controlled by robots and banks and foreign sovereign institutions. Keep reading if you know where I am coming from… Things didn’t used to be all pink for me either, pain, loss, closed one losing account , opened second one, heard of such and such broker giving a certain deal on lots opened another account, lost all the money, started in the mini, macro ,regular lots… Does that sound familiar, try to look from the outside, Forex is for crazy people, crazy winners or crazy losers. Now ,if this is your first contact with Forex, I am really sorry you had to hear this small talk. I would rather be the nice guy, rather be the good news bearer, but please, don’t kill the messenger, this is the bloody truth in Forex. You may be mad at me at this moment, but soon will come the moment you will thank me . Or you would rather stumble on a nice guru telling you all the lies, and how he can help you open a 10k account with a secret advantage. Or worse… He can even offer to manage your 10k, if you so willingly send him a check for the whole amount. The book you are about to read is the hard learned secrets of the successful traders and brokers and I am putting it all out for you. See I don’t really need the 10 bucks, but I am making sure you appreciate the value you are getting. I have made my share trading the market, paid for all the yachts cars and toys and the farm, now it’s your turn. I am sick and tired of the pain in the community and all the retail traders like yourself slaughtered by the hefty brokers. It is time to pay back, it is time for me to give back and to make sure the small trader has evened the plates no more secrets and golden grails uncovered. All the knowledge I am presenting in this book, comes from the school of hard knock, expensive paid Forex forums, where real traders hang out, not bothered by the rookies. Things I overheard on the golf course? Tell me about that, one of the guys I used to golf with executed only one trade a month, we used to call him the “ONE TRADE GUY”… How ridiculous that is? Hanging around, playing golf all month until a certain currency goes to a such and such monthly level, and pull the trigger to wipe out all the people with red eyes staring at the screens day and night ,fighting with their spouses, wasting their lives in front of the broker platforms. I know what you are thinking…this guy is full of it! Well, I am fed up with the usual story that hits every newbie trader like you and I don’t want you to have anything to do with it. So, I am giving you a choice: take this book read it, study and devour every single strategy, because is real, out of the trenches uncompromised, winning truth coming from a real trader. Take the leap of faith, you are a couple mouse clicks away from finding the real freedom and trading like a pro. Take the click of faith! See you on the other side! Trader X

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