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Traders Elite - Forex Signals, Strategies & Trade CopyingIf you were a member, you would have easily made 6,696 Pips over the last 13 months, just by copying our signals. And you would have done it without having had to think about which currency pair to trade, whether to buy or sell, when to enter the trade, what your stop loss should be, what your profit targets should be, what levels you need to watch, or anything else.

In fact, you could have copied all our signals with our super-smart Trade Copier, directly into your personal Metatrader account, totally automatically, without having to do anything.

Our strategies have generated, over the last 13 months, an impressive monthly average of 515 pips per month.

In the last 13 months, we achieved a very high winning rate with the average forex signal generating a respectable 50.3 pips and the average trading month, over the last 13 months, generating 515 pips per month.

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In other words, if you had set your trading lots equivalent to $1 per pip, you would have generated an average of $50 per trade which would have worked out to an average gross profit of $515 per month. Naturally, your return is based on the lot sizes you trade and the capital you have.

Ultimately, our success as a premium signals service has been achieved by providing consistent high-probability signals from experienced traders using proven profitable strategies and it is this winning formula that has allowed us to prosper with winning trades in a highly volatile market.

If you would like to generate positive trading results with a high level of consistency, then join us today

What if we told you, that you could copy quality signals from experienced traders using proven profitable trading strategies with the sole intent of producing high-probability profit opportunities for long-term capital growth.

If you are looking for reliable signals that offer consistent results, as well as the convenience of having trades copied directly into your personal account with very high accuracy, then you have come to the right place.

We believe that there is no comparable forex signals service that gives so much value for so little. As a Traders Elite Member, you will get; (1) our highly valued email alerts, (2) access to our members area, and (3) our sophisticated trade copier that gives you the ability to automatically copy our signals in real-time directly into your account.

All signals include clear instructions with entry price, targets and stop loss details, as well as follow-up instructions throughout the life of the trade. And if you’ve set up your account with our Trade Copier, you won’t have to do another thing…

You won’t have to look for great low-risk/high-reward trades. You won’t have to work out the best targets and stop-loss points to use. You won’t have to lock-in profits at critical times to optimize your results. You won’t have to stare at charts all day and you won’t even have to learn anything about trading. In fact, these are the exact benefits that our members get each trading day.

Our mission is to help our members achieve their goals, as they strive for financial freedom, by providing signals from trading strategies that have proven to provide positive results over the long-term. In fact, we’re so committed to achieving positive long-term net results, that we offer generous incentives to members that join our service for longer periods. The reason for this is that we want to generate good results for all our members and we know that traders are much more likely to do better if they stick with trading signals that generate consistent positive results over a long period.

In the real world, professional trading is conducted in a methodical, deliberate and scientific way that’s committed to building capital at a steady pace based on a strong foundation of strategies and policies. The bottom line is that small but consistent gains will generate excellent results and capital growth over the long-term. This is the precise trading mindset that has made us consistently profitable.

FX Profiteer FX Profiteer is the natural progression of combining and filtering all our primary core strategies to provide members with highly consistent signals. These signals use a combination of very specific price-action patterns, Moving Average Crossovers, MACD Swings, and Investor Entry Levels, all designed to take advantage of low-risk/high-reward set-up trades. These signals typically generate a high probability of success and are based on the Daily and 4 Hour Charts.

Forex Price Flip Price Flip is a trading strategy focused on price-action at critical market reversal points, detecting when momentum has reached exhaustion levels indicating probable reversals in price. Price Flips are an ideal… Read more…

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