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Trading Systems 2.0 DownloadFrom: David Jenyns – The System Design Expert There are hundreds of "trading gurus" who want to sell you get-rich-quick products for big bucks. Maybe you’ve bought a few already. Some of them work – some of these programs are even great. But where almost all of them fail is in painting a picture of how trading works. When you understand EXACTLY what it takes to design an excellent trading system, you’ll understand why most people fail to make money trading. The fact is, I can show you how to be successful trading, but it will take work! Let me share with you my step-by-step, blueprint anyone can follow to design profitable, part time trading systems – tailored to your unique situation. 7+ years in development and tested with hundreds of my coaching clients, this blueprint has now been proven to work with forex, stocks, options, futures, cfds, and all other markets. Perfectly suited to the beginner/intermediate looking to trade intraday or longer time frames – this is the complete guide to profitable trading.

I know my methods work and so do the hundreds of traders worldwide who have put them to the test (click here to read their testimonials). That said, don’t take my word for it, the methods works so well, I have attracted the attention of numerous newsletters, newspapers and trade journals.

Even ‘Smart Investor’, one of Australia’s most prestigious trading magazines, did a full page spread on me and my trading methods. If you want to find out more about me, click here to read my full bio or google my name "David Jenyns".

If you’re so successful trading, why do you give your secrets away? Believe it or not, it’s hard to receive letter after letter from people who see themselves as "newbies" – who aren’t making a living at their day job, and don’t see the possibility of breaking free of the ‘rat race’ to have the life they want. They simply cannot afford the products they need to change their situation. I only wish someone had given this to me seven years ago when I was getting started – it would have made me more money sooner, and saved a lot of wasted cash, time and frustration. How much is it then? The fact is, I make the majority of the wealth through trading and investment… not through selling ebooks. I don’t need your money. That said, my business mentor once taught me, for someone to see the value in something, there must be a value exchanged between both parties. In other words, for you to see the value in the UTS2.0, you must pay something for it. I don’t really care what you pay, as long as you pay something…

1000pip Builder Download

After chatting with my team we agreed, the minimum charge we could allow was $7 – this pretty much covers our overheads for the website and support. You’d have to agree that’s very fair.

PPS. Over the last 4 years 12,500 people have downloaded my UTS ebook and here’s what a few of them had to say…

"I was skeptical when I looked at the title but then I started reading the book and was SPEECHLESS!

This thing is FANTASTIC! Despite the fact that I have YEARS of experience trading, I’m now using the Ultimate Trading Systems to design every new trading system!

Why? Because it condenses everything you need to know and do into a simple action plan ANYONE can implement. The information, links, tips, and inside tricks are worth GOLD!"

"I think it was a great read. It summarizes a lot of things about trading with just 56 pages; other books would have been around 200 pages or more. Because every chapter/section is precise and to the point, I was able to retain most of the vital information. I would definitely recommend this book."

Much better than lots of "must-reads". After reading some trading books I think yours is the best that I read so far as it covers lots of areas with clear facts. Why reading ten other books if yours is covering all?

Of course as you put such a lot of information in your book it requires full attention when reading."

"I’ve been trading for four years and the combination of UTS 1.0 and TSR1 was the turning point in my trading. I personally think that both the second editions are better. The work is clearly of someone that trade as well and do not only write trading literature. The value of these documents lies in the eye of the beholder that is why only a very small % of the people reading it will reach page 54, and a even smaller % will apply it.

One very important lesson I’ve learned is to physically trade… Read more…

1000pip Climber System Download

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