True Forex 1000pips Guarantee Service – Automated Forex Trading Robot Service


True Forex 1000pips Guarantee Service - Automated Forex Trading Robot ServiceThe Pretender boasts of turning $500 into over $4,000 and dares to offer a testimonial from somebody trading less

than 12 consecutive months and less than 1,000 trades before blowing up his account! Who’s kidding who?  

departments of international megabanks. Fund managers, investment advisors, professional Forex traders, and

now individuals, have found a way to compete with the biggest of the big traders on Wall Street, London, and

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other world financial centers at a fraction of the fees they charge. We are trading real money, big money,

Our clients fund their accounts, subscribe to our service, and sit back and relax while our 1000PIPGUARANTEE

OK, so you’re not in the same league as some of our clients who trade 1 pip = $10 or 1 pip = $100. There is still

account in three months. That’s $2,000 on trading 1 pip = $2, or $1,000 on trading 1 pip = $1 – just trading

We have a record of more than 20-MONTH of consecutive trading results – not selective winning months before

the accounts blow up. We don’t claim to make outrageous returns, and we do not use Martingale betting, nor

compounding lot sizes, which confuse and skew results. Best of all, there is no chasing the market based on some

Why automated trading? Megatraders don’t work a few hours each day; they use automated systems to watch

you level the playing field – our trading robot scours the markets for the right price at the right time –

The Pretenders would have you looking at signals or jugging with EA’s settings and trading sizes to match the

results they say they’ve gotten. Didn’t have the proper EA’s setting just right? Sorry, you lose. But not with us,

the PRODUCER. With 1000-PIPGUARANTEE, you specify the trading lot size and let

Your only decision is when to start trading, not when to trade or what to trade. 1000-PIPGUARANTEE takes care

If they built it properly, then they should not be upgrading. Our software is built to last; hence, we are able to

show more than 20 months of consecutive trading results, unlike our competitors that are only showing

Check out our results. They’re independently verified by the most popular, most trusted independent Forex

Validated by An independent 3rd party!

OUR RESULTS – nothing is hidden like the Pretenders who “overlook” the bad months. These are the

actual results – through some of the most turbulent months that the Forex market has seen in generations. Our

clients don’t worry about buying into some system that might make money in an up market and then have them

going belly-up the first time the market turns. Our clients are making money regardless of market directions.

They’re making money while they’re driving, at work, on vacation, sleeping – even having dinner. Our trading

robot works 24 hours each day for them – and makes them more money than they could expect on stocks, bonds,

Our results can be validated easily by everyone, not some B.S. accounting companies or parties that no one has ever used before. 

The best testing should done with fixed 0.1 lot trading as per recommendation of the people who created MT4

We don’t know how others get away with “proving” their results with less than a year of trades or with less than

1000 trades in one year. Compounding trades? Real investors trading real money don’t trade that way.

Compounding is a trap that can kill the benefits of automated trading and leave the trader belly up. fixes trading sizes. We’re guaranteeing 1000 pips in your account in three months.

That’s a STRONG GUARANTEE that we couldn’t make unless we were absolutely sure of our trading service.

The Pretenders may try to convince you with their results and put that caveat about compound trades in the

small print. Well, we don’t suggest compound trading, but you might wonder what our results would look like

Precise and Scientific Trading Forex 1000PIPSGUARANTEE takes human emotion

Give the Forex trading robot that is as powerful, accurate and profitable as those international financial

– GUARANTEED. Remember those words, “AT LEAST” There is a lot of money to be made in the Forex market,

Make the smart decision today – 1000-PIPGUARANTEE, sit back and let the PRODUCER go to work for you.

Do you remember the film Forrest Gump? He never used the Flex-O-Lite ping-pong paddle, but his mother told

him to endorse it. She said that there was nothing wrong with a little white lie to get a nice check in return.

Fact 1: Testimonials can be manufactured unless testimonial verification services were used to help consumers verify the authenticity of… Read more…

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