Wizard Trader – Your High Probability Trading System


Wizard Trader - Your High Probability Trading System"Announcing — Improved Easy Combination Method Revealed At Last Holds Your Key To Firing Your Boss"

"Fact. Finally The Truth That You Should Know About Trading Stocks — Futures — Minis — Indexes — Gold — Oil — And FOREX"

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Having traded for a year or two with mixed results as you may have done I realised I needed more. A system that can work in all conditions.

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Finally it happened. I stumbled on some pricelsss but rough gems… These gems were insiders’ trading facts and way better than anything I’d used before.

They just needed to be polished to create a whole trading system and the key to an almost infinite number of great trades.

Second Real Trade (with proof on file) 17 more points grabbed from the Dow Jones Index (a few moments later and sitting in the comfort of home too.)

Total: 93 points and practically all of this was profit — because legally there were zero commissions and there was zero tax. This is because these trades were made using a free spread betting account.

The Wizard Trader trading system was complete. You may feel excited by this too now. (Many others do..)

While reading you’ll discover how these 93 points of cash were easily ripped out of the markets from just a couple of real trades. Soon you’ll be able to do the same or better again and again.

Your trade size can be huge or small by the way. But even if you had traded just $1 per point you would have made $93. Would you like regular returns like that?.. You can and you’re closer than you might already realise.

You also rip chunks of cash like this from the markets using your quick and easy system. Just think how you’ll spend this. Or will you reinvest it?

That’s one of the best things about trading — you can reinvest your profits for even bigger and bigger profits just as easily as placing small trades.

Basically you can increase the size of your profits just by placing larger trades as you go on. It’s a fact that nothing is as easily scaleable in size as trading.

As you read every word of this revealing report it’s understandable that you’re feeling excited about these wealth generating methods and what’s being exposed at last.

Of course you’ve heard that some people make millions of dollars (in fact some make billions) from trading — but bet you didn’t know that many of them do so by just using simple methods.

Well you’re intelligent enough to know that these tips on their own are way too general to make money from.. So inside we’ll look at the basics of trading and the finer points of the Combination Method.

Well just visualise yourself switching on your PC — checking a few charts for ten or fifteen minutes and then placing some clearly high probability trades.

And there’s the important step of placing your stops to close your trades. This is where you place simple orders online or by phone that will close out your trades automatically later on. It’s all clearly explained with any jargon put into plain English.

By the way you should know that an excellent trading method applies to any time frame. So short term — like 5 and 10 minute charts and long term daily and weekly charts. And it should apply to any market as this does.

It’s worth saying that placing fewer trades and holding them for a couple of days or longer (called position trading) is generally more profitable than day trading. Just do what suits your personality.

Anyway this doesn’t apply to you now — because these methods are ideal for trades placed with a spread betting company. So now you’ll never have to pay commissions again whatever you trade.

You know when you look at things like a trader you realise there aren’t bad economic times — only excellent opportunities …

You can relax and feel positive now as this system applies in all economic conditions. For rising and falling markets.

The fact of the matter is you can rake in more and more money by actually trading oil with these easy methods (and starting with a big or small trading account.)

And even placing trades as low as $1 a point can earn you good money when you let your profits run. Just check your free charts for ten minutes a day (unless you day trade.)

Because it only takes ten minutes you can even do this while you’re still at your present job. Yes then maybe semi-retire and fire your boss a bit later or trade full time if… Read more…

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