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Forex trading is a risky and high paced way to participate in the financial market, and those who are into it rely mostly on the price charts of currencies for determining the time to buy and sell. Forex pivot points are one of those several chart driven strategies that most of the traders use to make predictions on the future turning point in exchange rates. These are called as pivot points because at these price level prices may reverse or pivot during a trading day.

這些點計算數學基於低, 前一天的高和收盤價. 他們的計算公式為每天, 每週或每月的支點, 它提供阻力或支撐,你可以使用很好的延續或反轉設置以及利潤目標或止損位的顯著點. Lots of traders make use of the Forex pivot points in their daily trading, and it has proved itself highly effective. Most popular pivot points used by the traders are; Floor, Woodies, Camarilla, and Tom Demark’s pivots. Here we are going to explain you to calculate the pivot points, knowing it will certainly help you to get more acquainted with generic technical analysis. 閱讀本條目休息

Divergence is a methodological price indicator that transpires when a live quote and the oscillator that an FX trader is comparing goes in an alternate direction. When it comes to forex trading, divergence signals occur with upcoming changes in trend be it forwards or backwards. When a trader keeps an eagle eye on the divergence trend, it serves as an indication that a trading opportunity beckons.

當發散交易得到適當的使用, 它可以是一致的獲利的交易者的手段. 這是一個風險最小銷售接近頂部,接近底部,因為危險遠遠較小,有時甚至可以被認為是在最低限度.


分歧是當現場報價和振盪器在不同方向的交易員去進行比較是發生在一個技術指標價格. 發散信號表示在即將到來的趨勢的變化. 它們可以是進步還是退步. 因為如果你正確地觀察他們的分歧是很重要的, 你知道當你可以交易獲利.

由於分歧是由價格行動,振盪指標,如RSI影響, CCI或MACD, 你知道什麼時候市場即將發生變化的方向和定位自己相應的利潤. 採用分歧的一個主要優點是,它們可以在它們吸引風險最小的頂部或底部進行. 這意味著他們在熊市或牛市舒適. 發散貿易商的主旨是精確定位在圖表上正在創建較高的高點或較低的低點. 這是一個有價值的策略,可以幫助你發現一個後退的趨勢還是一個若隱若現.


Forex traders and investors use many different techniques and tools during trading. This includes charting patterns, software and more. For the purpose of this article, we will look at the forex head and shoulders charting pattern. This is an important technique that every trader should know about. If you understand how to use this technique effectively, you could make a lot of profit from forex trading.

Currency movements in the Forex markets are usually identified and made understandable with the help of charts and different types of trading software. After collecting trading information, you can use certain patterns to analyze and understand the data. Many successful traders use the information gathered to plan their moves artfully and make decisions based on the graph data on the trading charts. When trading, you would choose charts based on their significance to what is causing the existing currency trends. Generally reversal patterns will show up once a trend is approaching the end point.


If you are thinking of or currently investing in forex trading, you will find some valuable information in this article about a common chart formation. This is the forex double top formation and it’s used to predict price movements. Once you are a forex trader, you should know about important things such as support, resistance and candlesticks.

A double top can be described as a reversal chart pattern that has proven to be extremely reliable for many forex traders. This pattern is the most common in forex trading, because it shows up enough to contradict those who suggest that price movements are unpredictable and random. The price stops often at the top points, so they are far from being random. The primary features of this pattern are its two peaks or tops, which are positioned almost at the same height.


Traders in the financial industry use an exponential moving average (EMA) as a technical indicator to study the price charts of foreign currency, 商品, stocks and other financial products. For the Forex exponential moving average, more emphasis is placed on the latest prices in the calculation, so it’s more than just a formula for a simple average. Many Forex trading strategies are designed to work from different EMA combinations. Read on to find out more.

In trading terms, a moving average indicator is used to summarize different prices during a certain time period. This information is then reflected as a line on a bar chart that the trader can view easily on a computer screen. Since the EMA indicator will give more weight to the latest price actions, the average provided will be skewed towards the current market conditions.


The Japanese Candlestick is an ancient method of analysing markets. This method was originally used to trade rice in Japan many centuries ago, 然而, at the end of the 20th Century it started to be used in the western world. Japanese Candlestick analysis is now one of the top methods that newcomers to Forex trading need to get under the belts.

Perhaps the first thing that we should cover with regards to the Japanese Candlestick is how to form them. Whilst it is a difficult method, don’t worry, it isn’t too hard to do. Ideally you would carry out a bit more research than what I tell you right here though.
A Forex Japanese Candlestick can be drawn for any time period that you wish. 例如, you can draw it over the period of a day, a month, or even one hour (although of course you need to be quick if you do it like that!). This is how you go about drawing a Forex Japanese Candlestick.


The Forex or foreign currency exchange market is currently one of the largest in the global financial markets. Traders who take part in this market aims to earn huge profits when the exchange rates fluctuate quickly. In an effort to predict the price changes, the traders usually apply various technical indicators to Forex charts. Of all the technical indicators, the simple moving averages are among the most popular today.

First and foremost, you should know that the technical indicators are really preprogrammed formulas which use price actions in the past to determine the performance of a Forex currency. When traders apply the indicators to a Forex price chart, they will appear beneath or overlaid the chart.


Forex trading is more and more present. Some of the reasons are high liquidity and a much higher earnings potential. Most traders keep in their portfolio a percentage that is strictly dedicated to this activity. With high earning potential also comes a bigger risk but it can easily be covered with the right information and intuition. Foreign exchange is a relatively new market that can be easily accessed with the help of software platforms that are increasingly more and more accurate.

但為了消除風險,也同樣是可能的,投資者必須武裝他/她的信息和耐心. 在這篇文章中,我要談的斐波那契指標一點點.


外匯市場開始了作為用來轉化貨幣間的銀行家交流計劃. 連字的根解釋它的意義: 外匯. 它開始後不久,外匯市場吸引了眾多的投資者,因為主要是高流動性和高盈利潛力. 雖然風險比其他任何類型的交易是其高增長到 1490 現貨成交萬億美元,共有近 3000 在作為最大的交易市場曾經存在其他交易萬億美元.
為規避風險已經開發的理論和指標,幫助交易員計算,並盡量減少他們. 在交易世界支點指標是最重要的工具之一,任何交易者應該知道和使用. 但是,什麼是支點指標? 這種特殊的指示燈顯示水平 (行) 其中,一天的總趨勢切換其方向. 使用一些數學微積分和最大和前一天的最低價格,我們可以預見並從中獲得本系列的支點. 對於比較這些點可以被認為是支持和當天的臨界電阻水平將成為樞軸水平. 每天交易者使用開放, 關, 高,低價格 (這被認為是外匯市場是開放的 24 小時使用如打開/關閉價格在價格 5 黃金美國東部時間下午 2 太平洋標準時間下午). 這個數據是足夠來計算樞軸點指示器的水平. 樞軸的水平是很普遍,因為它們是容易預測的水平和它們使使用從過去的天的數據,找到趨勢開關的電位電平在交易日的決定是非常有用. 你也應該記住,多數交易員知道這個方法,你可以期望市場太可預見的和這一戰略的效果DE減弱或加劇. 此外,我在想,小投資者之間被發現使用這種傳統方法知道這一點,但強制和在市場上與適​​當的後果預計這些運動大的.

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