它可能會作為一個震動投資新秀, 但外匯交易是世界上最大的市場. 外匯是術語外匯的縮寫形式, 或者乾脆貨幣. 這些術語指的是一個國家的貨幣價值的貨幣價值 (由全國最大的單值面額測定) 並通常相比於貨幣的由國家所使用的測量單元,其中所述投資者是公民.

由外匯被認為是最大的市場的措施是在交易現金價值條款, 並且它使用所有類型的投資想像的, 從個人 (誰使用經紀或銀行) 各國政府對國際銀行公司. 外匯是非常流行,由於其極端的流動性和它的時間的能力 (有三個大的股票市場開放日長在一周, 有可能在一天中的每個小時兌換外幣). 流動性是一個術語,是短期的市場流動性, 這是指迅速買入或賣出而不會導致價格大幅波動的能力. 作為貨幣的國家是通過內部確定的主要 (國內) 因素,而不是外部因素, 外匯交易是不受引起的恐慌拋售的通量.

As the industrial market place and arguably the defining center of the world, the dollar of the United States is used by far the most in Forex transactions. Involved in 89% of transactions, the US dollar was way ahead of other currencies, followed distantly by the euro (37%) and then the yen (20%). Remember that the numbers here do not add up to 100% because every transaction will contain at least two different currencies.

Forex speculators are a controversial topic among economists and politicians alike. One school of thought posits that currency speculation can contribute to a country’s economic downfall, as a lower currency value causes the price of inflation in comparison to imported goods to rise, snowballing the problem. Countries that are primarily exporters to a country with a higher currency value, 然而, receive benefits when their dollar is lowered in comparison, as their goods are thus inherently easier to purchase. The opposing view to the speculators as instruments of economic downfall is that speculators serve to keep currency regulated according to international agreements, and that their profits are the results of basic economic laws. Those who subscribe to this theory often point out that the opposing view is held all too often by leaders seeking to deflect attention away from their own domestic policies when explaining to a populace why their economy is in the toilet.

Individuals wishing to become involved in the Forex market need to remember that they must do so through a broker or bank, bodies regulated by their governments and international agreements to prevent the unlawful profit resulting in economic damage to a different country. Investing through these bodies inevitably means that the individual will not see the full results of their investment, as they naturally provide some insulation for themselves against loss in the fluctuating market.



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