What is Hidden Divergence?


Divergence is a technical price indicator that happens when a live quote and oscillator being compared by a trader go in different directions. Divergence signals signify a change in oncoming trends. They can either be progressive or retrogressive. Divergences are important because if you observe them properly, you know when you can trade profitably.

Since divergence is influenced by price action and oscillator indicators like RSI, CCI or MACD, you know when the market is about to change direction and position yourself to profit accordingly. A major advantage of using divergences is that they can be carried out either at the top or bottom where they attract minimal risk. This means they are comfortable in a bearish or bullish market. The main thrust of divergence traders is to pinpoint higher highs or lower lows being created on the charts. It is a valuable strategy that helps you spot a receding trend or a looming one.

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Hidden divergence transpires when the oscillator hits higher highs when the price does not and makes lower lows, when the price does not as well. Alternatively, hidden divergence can show price at lower highs and the oscillator at higher highs. When this happens a downward trend is confirmed. When you notice higher lows in price and oscillating lower lows, it is proof of an upward price trend.

Hidden divergence is used to locate trend consistency. For example, if the price of a currency pair is creating higher lows in an upward trend but the oscillator is forming lower lows, then the hidden divergence is regarded as bullish with price expected to start to soar. On the other hand, hidden bearish divergence happens when the price makes a lower high but the oscillator makes a higher high. Naturally, this occurs in a downwards trend. When you notice hidden bearish divergence, there is the likelihood that the pair will shoot lower and continue the trend downwards.

Divergences should not always be taken as a gung-ho signal to exit or enter a trade. It is important to note that like any other FX trading strategy, divergences can send wrong signals too. So do not use them alone. Ensure you combine them with other strategies so that you can cut down your risks as low as possible. In addition, try to remember that trading decisions are not only made based on divergences. They do not take place regularly in the currency market. So try not to have a one-track mind as a trader.

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