Vladimir’s LST system – Best Forex Strategy


Vladimir's LST system - Best Forex StrategyYes, 95% of all traders are losing money! My new system will let you see profits from the Forex market even from many losing trades….

The LST System is a unique statistical-hybrid strategy based upon powerful and automated divergence analysis, taking advantage of the cyclical movement of market prices. The System comes with a customized Trading Simulator so you won’t risk your money until you are fully confident with the Forex strategy!

It doesn’t matter what time frame you will use, what pair you will trade, doesn’t matter what market condition as long as you keep my simple rules of the LST System – it will work for you!

My name is Vladimir Ribakov and I am proud to say that for the past several years I have established a small but very prestigious Forex community. For those who haven’t had the chance to know me until now, let me tell you a little about myself and my online and offline venture. A quick Google search for my name will validate everything I say.

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After 11 years of trading experience, trading my own Forex accounts as well as for large hedge funds and brokerages, I had decided to fulfill my destiny and personally mentor aspiring Forex and Commodities traders.

My first contribution to the online Forex community was creating 3 important trading tools and strategies:

1. The Broker-Nightmare Suite – a trading tool that protects Forex traders from being abused and cheated by dishonest Forex Brokers.

2. sRs Trend Rider – my first semi-automatic, Hybrid Forex Strategy that I’m glad to say, have shown the light to many traders…proving them that it is possible to extract money from the Forex Market, even if you are a home-based trader as opposed to big player.

The sRs Trend Rider was declared as one of the best Forex strategies released until today, achieving one of the highest ranks on the objective Forex Peece Army community, with excellent reviews by happy traders.

3. The Pips Carrier – hybrid strategy for long term trading, designed for those who don’t have too much time to trade. This strategy doesn’t generate too many trades however most trades reach +100 pips and more.

On 2011 I opened the doors to my Forex Signals and Mentoring service (www.VladimirForexSignals.com) where I trade and mentor many new traders. I really don’t like to speak and pour compliments about myself so here is what some of my students have to say about me through our social channels:

For more testimonials you can check my Forex Signals & Mentoring website: Click Here

One of the first things that people who are not members of my community ask is – are you a consistently profitable trader? The answer to this question can be easily seen in the performance statistics below.

You can also view a trade-by-trade breakdown of every single trade I took since the club was established, and all trades that I called in real time during our daily live trading room sessions.

A few days ago I have received an email from one of my students from my Forex Signals & Forex Mentoring service and a screenshot about his account growth that I have to share with you.

While members of my signals & mentoring service have daily access to me, I have constant contact with my community via my Forex blog and facebook page. During each and every trading day, I provide insights and updates on the Forex market, as well as publishing my weekly market review videos.

During 2011 I decided I must meet my followers in person, so my team organized the first offline Forex seminar in Hungary, which was a huge success. Duo to the success of the Hungarian Seminar, I have been asked and scheduled another one in Hungary between the dates 4th to the 7th of May and more seminar plans in Paris, Germany and the US in the next few months.

During the years I’ve been trading, I have developed my own Forex methods of analyzing market divergences, which I found to be highly accurate.

Divergences are used by some of the world’s top Forex traders since they provide a unique insight into the underlying forces that drive the market, forces which are hidden from the rest of the crowd.

When certain types of divergence occur, they reveal mistakes in price action. And when the market realizes prices are wrong, the market quickly and violently fixes it. I want to be in before the market realizes the mistake, and that’s where the power of divergences is.

Divergences are tricky to spot and identify, and even more tricky to teach the computer how to spot them! Yes, I know there are some divergence indicators around the net, but I didn’t find them accurate enough for… Read more…

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