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Vladimir's Markets Forecast - Forex NewsUnfortunately, the chances are excellent that you DON’T. Because trading seems deceptively simple when all too often “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

Today’s technologies make it almost too easy for anyone who wants to trade stocks or forex. You download a trading platform … open an account with a broker … and start trading from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

In fact, you’re here right now because YOU grabbed this opportunity with open hands and tried your luck …

Professional traders – the guys who WIN BIG for a living – have an edge on you. They’re able to stay in touch with market changes because it’s their job. Every day, they must review different currency movements and look for the reasons behind them.

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It is a long and time-consuming process. One which doesn’t go hand in hand with the lifestyle of most part-time or amateur traders.

… if you have a grueling day job and you’re trading in your spare time, you’re going to lack the information which is absolutely crucial to make the right trading decisions at the right time.

Even if you’re using someone else’s proven strategies or tools, it often doesn’t do you much good. Because no matter how terrific the method, the professional winning trader uses his methods ONLY when market conditions favor them.

That kind of decisive information doesn’t usually come with the strategy or tool you purchased (although there are exceptions). So how do you know when the water’s “just right” for you to jump in for maximum gain?

I’m Vladimir Ribakov and I’m one of the professional winning traders you’d like to be right now.

Over the last decade, I’ve traded numerous accounts for hedge funds and financial institutions. Plus my own accounts too! I have an outstanding, fully documented track record with my existing signals services:

* For more of my trading results including my “trade-by-trade” table,please refer to my performance page at www.VladimirForexSignals.com

I’ve been doing a weekly forecast commentary since late 2010. Each Sunday I produce between 17 and 34 minutes of video that covers all the major currency pairs, my “favorite” pairs with the best potential, plus interesting commodity and even stock index setups as they arise.

In each video, I review all the important charts, upcoming news events that could impact them, and deliver clear forecasts complete with price targets for the coming week.

But I’m correct often enough to earn a handsome living from the markets. And there’s no reason you can’t do the same when you’re armed with the same key information I spend 12 hours a day acquiring.

What’s more, the personal touch is very important to me. I welcome readers to provide feedback and ask questions. I DON’T just spit out numbers and a chart or two …

Up until now I’ve done only weekly forecasts. I’ve received numerous compliments for providing this free (but invaluable) service to interested and motivated readers.

Each daily forecast will include the most current briefings on key trends, trade opportunities and expected news impacts. Plus greater opportunity for you to ask me additional questions and get my opinions on what really matters to you.

You see, unlike a traditional trading newsletter where the expert simply gives his opinions and then ignores you until the next issue …

… I’ll be checking the members-only area for your questions and comments and responding as the trading day’s demands allow. I’m an ACTIVE trader, not someone who just sits back and has meaningless opinions. I have “skin in the game” too!

Both of them combine to provide you with optimum forecasts and the best price targets in the “most ideal” currency pairs.

It’s not just “news and views”: it’s detailed forecasting where I show you “right on the charts” why I think the way I do … where the price has the highest probability of going next … and how soon it’s likely to get there. You can profit from my analysis immediately without having to do all the time-consuming research yourself.

And THAT’S what will give you the edge against amateur traders who aren’t studying the sheer number of charts and information that I am. They simply don’t have the time to do detailed reviews that cover multiple currencies, timeframes and markets. They don’t have my experience, either!

My weekly and daily forecasts are like video roadmaps outlining all the best “places of interest” you’ll want to check out … plus the dangerous “Do Not Enter” places you DON’T want to go (or else risk losing serious cash in… Read more…

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